Genome Hackers Camp Application 2019
Thank you for your interest in our program! We are excited to have you and hope to get to do some neat science with you this summer. Genome Hackers will take place July 29th-August 2nd, 2019 from 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM at the University of Washington, South Foege building. Please submit this application form by 11:59 PM PST on June 20, 2019. We will contact you by June 28th about your application results.

DNA sequencing is a powerful way to learn about an organism, but also generates a lot of data that needs many tools to understand genomes. Genome Hackers is a one-week, half-day summer camp for high school girls that will introduce participants to basic computer programming and bioinformatics tools to look at DNA. Students will also get to participate in hands-on laboratory experiments and perform their own sequencing experiments for analysis.

Participants will learn:
- How DNA sequencing works
- Current DNA technologies
- Basic programming skills (great for beginners!)
- Common bioinformatics tools that you can use at home
- Ethics in genome sciences
- How to design and present a poster

If you have any additional questions about the camp or about the application please email:

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6) This camp involves some experimental work, but we also spend a lot of time learning how to code. Tell us something you've learned in the past about how biology and computer science go together and why this fascinates you. (max. 300 words) *
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Experience Questions:
The following 3 questions (questions 7-9) are for us to gauge what types of topics need to be covered in the Genome Hackers camp! Please be honest about your experiences - your answers here will not affect the application decision!
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8) Do you have any programming experience (from school or on your own)? If so, what programming languages do you have experience with? *
Examples include Python, R, Perl, Scratch, Arduino, Alice, C++, Java, and/or maybe others not listed here.
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9) Have you ever done any of these lab procedures? *
Scholarship opportunity:
We have a camp fee of $50.00 for Genome Hackers. This covers cost of supplies and building space for the week. We do have scholarship opportunities available to students because we want our camp to be accessible to all. If this fee is a burden for you or your family, we encourage you apply for a scholarship by answering the question below. Students chosen to receive a scholarship will have their entire camp fee waived.
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Thank you for applying! You are able to revisit your application and edit your responses until the application deadline (June 20th, 11:59 PM PST)
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