Fatigues Clothesline Workshop Registration- March 8th
Helping Women and Men move past Military Sexual Trauma (MST) by telling their story in a discreet manner that will educate the public.

The founder of the Fatigues Clothesline Project, Regina Vasquez, will be in Chicago to attend the "Overlooked/Looked Over" opening at the National Veterans Art Museum where the project is featured. She will be leading a Fatigues Clothesline workshop March 8th.

Participants are asked to Write, Draw, Paint on an inside-out uniform shirt or jacket for example: BDUs, ACUs, digitals, cammies, PT T-shirts, or a uniform that represents the Air Force, Navy, Army, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. This is a program that is developed to create a dialog between the survivor and their group leader, counselor as well as with their family members. Through the work of art, it gives the survivor the power to express themselves freely whether it be through drawing, writing and or painting.

- Workshop March 8th 5PM - 9PM at the National Veterans Art Museum, 1801 S Indiana Ave. Chicago, IL 60616

- Workshops for men and women will be held in separate rooms.

- If the participant wishes the fatigues from the workshop will be displayed at the National Veterans Art Museum's exhibition Overlooked/Looked Over. The opening reception is March 10th 12PM - 4PM.

- Participants are asked to bring their own blouse. Please let us know ASAP (contact Regina - rv_fatigues@yahoo.com) if you need a blouse donated. If you can donate a fatigue top, blouse or otherwise, please send it to the National Veterans Art Museum, 3rd floor, 1801 S Indiana Ave., Chicago, IL 60616.

Note: There are no travel or housing funds available for participants. However, the museum encourages interested veterans from around the country to plan to attend.
Contact Aaron Hughes if you have questions about Chicago logistics - aarhughes@gmail.com

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