Workshop Interests
Here are a few workshops that might be interesting to attend at FSMK. Which one would you like to consider attending? We are just taking a poll to understand the interests of the students.
Image Processing (OpenCV + OpenGL) *
Learn to track objects in images and also learn basics of game develeopment
Arduino Workshop *
Basics of Arduino and take back home an autonomous robot
PCB Designing Workshop *
Learn to make your own PCBs at home!
Line follower workshop *
Basics of electronics..No microcontrollers! just the very basics to make your own robot!
What would be the amount you are willing to spend for the workshop(software ONLY workshops)? *
For image processing and pcb designing with free DVD containing the softwares. Please enter INR.
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What would be the amount you are willing to spend for the workshops(Hardware ONLY workshops)? *
For Arudino, Line follower (inclusive of components to take back home). Please enter INR
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Any other comments and or workshops you would like conducted at FSMK
In the field of comp sci and electronics
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Email ID for reference or to intimate workshops in areas of your interest
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