Accommodation Request Form ទម្រង់ស្នើសុំស្នាក់នៅ
ACC is desirous and willing to share the use of rooms in the building with the wider Body for God’s purposes whenever it is feasible, and without of neglecting proper care for the building. ACC does not charge for the use of their rooms though a love gift is recommended according to usage to cover the building and equipment’s wear and tear. We reserve the right to make changes at any time.

*We do not allow mix gender sharing of rooms unless the couple are married.

Terms and conditions:
Full Name ឈ្មោះ​ពេញ *
Of person making this booking request មនុស្សដែលធ្វើការស្នើសុំកក់នេះ
Email អ៊ីម៉ែល *
Of person making this booking request មនុស្សដែលធ្វើការស្នើសុំកក់នេះ
Handphone លេខទូរស័ព្ទដៃ *
Of person making this booking request. Please include country + city code if it is an overseas number.​ មនុស្សដែលធ្វើការស្នើសុំកក់នេះ។ សូមបញ្ចូលលេខកូដប្រទេស + លេខកូដប្រទេសប្រសិនបើវាគឺជាលេខនៅក្រៅប្រទេស។
Are you available to communicate on តើអ្នកមានលទ្ធភាពទាក់ទងគ្នាទេ
Please advice how we may contact you via internet to check on details should the need arise. សូមណែនាំពីរបៀបដែលយើងអាចទាក់ទងអ្នកតាមរយៈអ៊ិនធឺណេតដើម្បីពិនិត្យមើលព័ត៌មានលម្អិតប្រសិនបើត្រូវការ។
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