Gladstone Hotel's Come Up To My Room 2019 Exhibition
Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the Gladstone! Please take a minute to answer the following questions about your work/idea that you have for: Come Up To My Room 2019 - January, 17-20. 2019. Once you have completed this form please follow up with an email to: and include: 1 page proposal, up to 3 images of your work, portfolio & CV. Deadline for applications on Sunday June 17th 11pm EST.
Collective Name or Individual Artist Name *
Please indicate how you would like to be recognized.
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Additional Names
Please indicate the name(s) of all participants in your group if you are a collective.
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Title of Project *
Please identify a working title for your project - a final title is due to the curator 6 weeks prior to the exhibition opening.
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Social Media Handles (twitter, instagram, facebook) if applicable for collective / artists *
eg twitter/instagram: @gladstonehotel,
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Please indicate a website where we can direct inquiries. If you do not have a website it's a good idea to make a blog or tumblr that can be followed.
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Primary Contact Email *
Please indicate a primary contact email
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Group Emails
Please add all the emails (separated by commas) of the people in your group that you might like us to inform in general updates.
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Primary Phone Number *
Please indicate one phone number for your group that we can use if we need to contact you at any time.
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Project Description - 150 Words *
Please describe your project idea for the purpose of promotion (web, print, etc).
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Artist Bio or Collective Bio 50 Words *
Please describe yourself or your collective practice for the purpose of promotion (web, print, etc). This information should be written in the third person.
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3-5 Images for consideration
Please provide us with a link where we can download hi-res images (300dpi at 4x6 inches) such as dropbox, google drive, wetransfer or similar. Or email your curator with images to . Make sure images are jpg format titled as followed: ArtistName_Title.jpg and indicate image captions below as well. Please also indicate the password if applicable.
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Image Credit Information
Please list image credit information for each image submitted in the following format: 1. ArtistName_Title.jpg - Title of Work, Artist Name, Photographer, Date, Additional Information. Please indicate this for each image.
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Can these images be shared with press?
Press images are due 6-8 weeks prior to opening, please share images of your work in progress with your curator or on social media and tag #CUTMR2019 @gladstonehotel
First Choice of Location
Second and Third Choice of Location
Please indicate other locations where your project might also be possible so that we can accommodate everyone's requests.
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Installation Details
Please note any special installation requirements below. We occupy a heritage building with special features which sometimes prevent work from being hung in certain locations and limits ceiling suspension. The curators will contact you prior to the show and will help you problem solve installation for any work that has special requirements.
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Will you be seeking grants and sponsorship for your project?
Please indicate who you will be approaching and if recognition is required. Please indicate who you will be approaching and if recognition is required. Upon acceptance your curators are happy to write you a letter of support / participation toward your grant applications.
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