MSE 2018 Red Shirt Application
The co-directors for MSE 2018 are Bernadette Butler and Cat DesRoche. If you have questions, please communicate via email at

ALL applications are due by February 16, 2018. Late applications will not be considered.

Due to the great need for Community Service opportunities and in-town jobs for high school students, the Superintendent’s Office has put in place the following guidelines to ensure that the largest possible number of students have access to these opportunities:

1. Milton High School students will be given priority for any open positions (both Community Service and paid); upper classmen will be placed first.

2. Students must volunteer a minimum of one summer of Community Service at MSE before being eligible for paid positions. (Paid positions are limited. Seniors and juniors will be given preference, if they have completed all the requirements)

3. The final year that students can work as paid Red Shirts is the summer following their graduation from high school.

4. Positions are offered as openings become available based on the guidelines above.

5. The pay rate for paid Red Shirts is $11.00 per hour.

6. Red shirts will be required to be on site from 7:50 am-12:10, Monday-Thursday, June 25-July 26 (no MSE on Fridays, and this year, there is no MSE on 7/3 or 7/4).

7. Please do not apply to be a Red Shirt at MSE if you anticipate absences. The program is only 18 days long, so we expect all to be present each and every day.

8. We will contact you by April 2, 2018 to let you know if your application was accepted.

9. For those returning to MSE, past performance evaluations will be considered in any hiring decisions.

**Please note that if you are accepted as a Red Shirt, you will be required to attend at least two meetings during the months of May/June to complete paperwork and to participate in training with the MSE Co-Directors. These meetings are not optional.

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