Brad Czech - Elementary Student Culture Survey - Template

Please read the statements carefully and then choose the best answer.
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1. My teacher and the other students listen to me and make me feel like I am a good learner. *
2. My teacher stands in front of the room and talks to us. *
3. My classmates and I do the same work at the same time. *
4. I get to decide how I want to do an assignment – by drawing, writing, building, or another way. *
5. Before we start a new assignment, I talk to the teacher about what I want to learn, how I’m going to learn it, and when I’ll show her that I’ve learned it. *
6. I work with other students and ask them questions when my teacher is busy. *
7. I love to learn new things in this class. *
8. My teacher and other students tell me when I’ve done a good job or when I need to do something differently. *
9. After my teacher or other students talk to me about my work, I have time to make changes. *
10. My teacher tells me what work I need to do and when I need to do it. *
11. My teacher asks me how I feel and everyone listens when I talk about my feelings. *
12. I know I can ask questions when I don’t understand something. *
13. I know why it is important to learn new things and how these new things will help me. *
14. I feel that it is important for me to finish my work and do a good job. *
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