[Cheritz] We are looking for a Spanish translator
[Cheritz Corporation]
This is an application form for the Spanish translator for Cheritz Games.

Anyone above the age of 18 can apply regardless of whether he/she has experience or not.
(College student/student on leave can also apply)
Feel free to apply since the application has no deadline.

[What company is Cheritz Corporation?]
A small but stable Korean game company that creates female-targeted storytelling games for domestic and global users and also produces related content since 2012.

The most important value of our games are the messages in them.
We are searching for someone who can understand, interpret and translate this message while remaining culturally sensitive to users from different nations and languages. So that users can experience happiness and enjoyment through our games.

[Type of Employment]

One who can translate English or Korean to Spanish.
One who is familiar with content (books/SNS trends/Trending Videos) of a country that use Spanish as their mother tongue.
One with game development knowledge preferred.

One who can commute and work from 9:30am to 6:30pm during office hours.

[Main task]
Translation of Cheritz's games.

5 minutes away from Hapjeong station.

[List of games released]
Dandelion (http://goo.gl/5pZDaU, http://dl.cheritz.com)
Nameless (http://goo.gl/ylgU1q, http://nl.cheritz.com)
Mystic Messenger (https://goo.gl/9gjkbi, http://msg.cheritz.com)
Personal Information
Basic information about our applicant.
All information submitted should be answered truthfully. Will you reply to our questions honestly? *
Can you commute to Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea? *
Although we are searching for a freelancer, for higher translation quality, we request our applicant to commute to our office.
Translation can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months according to your working speed. Contract extensions will be made with consultation. Although you start as a freelancer, you may become an official Cheritz employee.
Provide your DOB (Year/Month/Day) - Age will not affect the interview process.
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Do you have a working visa in Korea?
What is your name? *
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During the employment process we may send you a simple test via email.
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If employed, what is the earliest date you can start? *
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Please let us know if there is anything else we need to consider and keep in mind during your employment. (Class Schedule/Health/ETC.)
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Please list any SNS services you frequently use, if any.
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We want to get to know who you are.
There are no right answer to it. Feel free to be frank to the following questions below.
Check the number that describes you the best. (Independent-Cooperative) *
Check the number that describes you the best. (Supportive-Leading) *
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Please describe your personality in less than 200 characters. *
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Game scenario translations are similar to novel and or drama translations, which requires the knowledge of texting lingo, SNS lingo, and or trending words.
Please suggest your translation rate per page for a contract of translating over 2500 pages (220 Korean words in a page). *
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If you have a specific reason for the amount requested above, please write it down below. It will help us in finalizing your payment.
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We collected all the required information. Thank you for your cooperation.
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