General Reference Form for Mission Trips
This form is reference for the candidates, youth or adult, applying to the Fellowship's Mission Trip. Please fill out as accurately as possible.
Name of applicant *
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How well do you know the applicant? *
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What do you consider to be his/her strengths and talents? *
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What do you consider to be his/her areas where personal development is needed? *
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Would you consider him/her to be of high moral character? *
If you feel an explanation is needed, please explain.
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Describe the applicant's attitude toward authority and responsiveness toward instruction? *
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Please comment on the following area.
Omit those about which you have insufficient knowledge to form an opinion. Again, please be as accurate as possible.
Interpersonal Relationships
Cooperation teachable spirit, Conflict resolution, Motivational skills.
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Creative, Initiative
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Personal Appearance, Attitude, Acceptance by others
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Capacity for Learning, Understanding
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Communication Skills
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Please grade the candidate in the following areas
1 being poor or in need of work and 5 being excellent/an example to others. Please leave blank what you can not comment on.
Self Starter
Capacity for Work
Emotional Stability
Ability to Work with Others
Willingness to Take Criticism
Other remarks
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Would you commend on any reason why this applicant should not be considered for this trip?
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Do you recommend the applicant for this ministry
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