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We will contact you via Discord to set up your recruitment interview, so it is imperative that you create a Discord account (if you haven't already) and join our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/QhwvHU8
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This is the #____ after your discord username. This image will show you where to find it on Discord: https://i.imgur.com/MWEfB5Y.png
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There are a pile of Star Citizen orgs out there. Why join us?
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Any amount of detail is fine, but we want to know more about what you've enjoyed playing, and why.
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Do you currently play any other online games?
Our community plays many titles unofficially. We'd love you to join us outside of Star Citizen!
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List any organizations you've been a part of in other games, as well as the games your org/guild/company/etc played. *
If you've never been part of a gaming organization or guild, please say so below.
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Are you currently a member or affiliate of any Star Citizen organization? *
Please list all below - otherwise type that you are in no other organizations. Note that, with some limited exceptions, you will be required to drop all other organizations to become a member of Legacy Fleet.
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We require all members to submit their affiliates for approval before joining that organization. Is this acceptable to you? *
Failure to submit an affiliate before joining, or remaining in an unapproved affiliate, may lead to being removed from Legacy Fleet.
Do you understand and accept that aside from approved affiliates, Legacy Fleet is an exclusive organization? *
Legacy Fleet members are not permitted to be part of other organizations without prior approval to prevent a conflict of interest.
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If possible, please include the numerical offset from UTC, e.g. "-5" for EST in the winter.
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Please list the RSI handles or discord user names of all others you expect to have apply at the same time.
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Legacy Fleet requires the use of Discord. Is this acceptable to you? *
If you are not able to use Discord, you are not eligible to become a member of Legacy Fleet.
Legacy Fleet has a strict no-piracy clause. This is part of a broader rule requiring members not to antagonize the UEE/Advocacy, or damage other members' reputations with "the law." *
Please confirm that you are aware of and will follow this policy.
Being or becoming banned on the RSI forums/spectrum, violating Legacy Gaming's "no drama" rule, or generally tarnishing the image of the fleet will be grounds for decline or removal. *
Please confirm that you are aware of this policy.
Failure to complete recruit training in a timely fashion may result in your application being declined. *
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