Eugene Area Gleaners Membership Form
Anyone is welcome to join our group. We operate out of the Eugene area and are run through email and Facebook by volunteers for volunteers.

Before joining, please be sure you have read the Membership Handbook at:

All members are expected to contribute somehow to the group and participate in gleans as they are able.
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We do not have a phone tree. You may use your Facebook email address, or your cell phone email-to-text if either of these are the best way to reach you.
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Your legal name. You may put your preferred name in parentheses after.
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You will have to join the group manually. The form approves your membership but doesn't automatically add you to either list. Will you be joining the email list (via Google Groups), the Facebook Group, or both? *
You will have to join the group manually. The form approves your membership but doesn't automatically add you to either list. Please write down the url or copy/paste so that you know what to do next.
The note above says: You will have to join the group manually. The form approves your membership but doesn't automatically add you to either list. Please write down the url or copy/paste so that you know what to do next. *
What is your name on Facebook? This is so that we can match and approve your membership.
What neighborhood are you in? *
This information is for carpooling purposes, or if we are short-handed we'll contact (tag or direct-email) the people closest to the glean first. We are using the map for Eugene at and guessing on pretty much everywhere else. Please just give the best approximation of your area.
We post gleans for everyone to see, but we may tag you if you live in that glean's particular area. *
Phone (Cell Preferred- please specify):
If you sign up for a glean and don't show, or if you are leading a glean or have other info and need people to call you. Optional.
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Need/Willing to Drive carpool?
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Ladder/Picker/Truck/Van? *
Some gleans require certain equipment. If we need help hauling, preference may be given to those with hauling equipment available.
What times are you available? *
Just for general information, when are you generally unavailable.
Did you read the Gleaner rules (aka Member Handbook)? *
I understand that all items are for my immediate household use only, and I am not permitted to share gleaned items with friends or family, and I absolutely may not barter or sell said items at any time. *
Eugene Area Gleaners is a Gleaning Group
We are active and go out and glean in farms and yards. Members are expected to go on gleans or help the group in some other way. Please expect to glean or do one thing for the group per month. You can sign up for something in-depth and use it on your resume, and ask for a written recommendation, or you can do something "light." All jobs are important and desperately need done!
You understand that you need to do something to help the group once per month? It doesn't have to be gleaning or anything physical but if you are going to participate in the drop-sites or benefit from the group in any way, you should expect to contribute somehow. *
Eugene Area Gleaners is a completely grassroots, volunteer-based, member-run organization. Each and every member of this group is expected to volunteer and contribute to the group at least once per month, including gleaning when we can. How else are you able to contribute to the group?
Everyone has something they can do!
I understand that this is a non-profit. Everyone running the group and in the group is an unpaid volunteer. I understand that I am expected to go on gleans as I am able, and to contribute somehow to the group as above. *
Most gleans through this group are in private owners' yards. We are usually called 'last minute' and gleans are scheduled at the donors' and glean leaders' schedules. You sign up for the ones you are able to make. You don't have to respond unless you can come. You should try to attend 1 glean per month. *
There is usually a set number of people that a glean can support. Each glean will specify whether or not children (defined as anyone 18 or under) are permitted. Anyone 18 and above needs to fill out their own form. You can sign up for them, please sign up with their names so that the Glean Leader knows how many are coming. If you are bringing children, you should be prepared to keep them on task or at least at your side at all times. If the person you sign up for flakes (no-call, no-show), they may be kicked out of the group and banned from coming to gleans. *
Each glean will state what is needed on a glean, and what the Glean Leader has. It will also state what each person needs to bring on the glean. Who is responsible for bringing equipment to a glean? *
When you sign up for a glean, you are committing to showing up on that date and time. Gleaners, even seasoned Glean Leaders, are not permitted to go to a glean alone. What happens if you sign up for a glean and don't show up or call (flake) ? *
Current Federal Poverty Guidelines Chart
Our goal is to mostly serve members/gleaners whose incomes fall below %300 of FPL, as detailed below. Those who are above are welcome to join and help.
Family size is listed on the left, annual income is on the right.

        1       $38,280
        2       $51,720
        3       $65,160
        4       $78,600
        5       $92,040
        6       $105,480      
        7       $118,920      
        8       $132,360        Add $4,480 for each person over 8
This question about income and family size is optional. If you choose to answer, it can help us apply for grants based on serving people who have income-based needs. We may also have additional opportunities with partnering agencies for members whose income is at or below a certain level. Incomes listed are annual as of 2021. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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