Southmoreland Security Patrol Contributions
Southmoreland Neighborhood Association (SNA) advocates for the residents and business owners of the neighborhood. We hold monthly public meetings, distribute news and information to members, hold neighborhood cleanup days, and host quarterly social events for neighbors to connect. In addition to those services, our core program is our Safety Patrol program. In this program, SNA hires off-duty KCPD officers to patrol the neighborhood for 16 hours a week. The Safety Patrol program is funded by primarily by Southmoreland businesses and institutions that contribute monthly, quarterly, or yearly donations to the fund. Just $35 supports one hour of additional patrol. An increase in contributions would allow us to continue, and hopefully expand the Safety Patrol program. In the past nine years, since the inception of the Safety Patrol program, we have seen a 50% decrease in crime in the neighborhood. This is attributed to the success of the Safety Patrol.
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