Nuc Driver Survey Form -Series 01/2019
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Are you a Nuccar driver? If you are not please download now and register at *
2 points
Why do you refuse to online with us? (for registered driver only)*can choose more than 1 answer *
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Please give your ideas on what can makes you online and stay with us? (Please write) *
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Can you accept credit wallet subsidy if we are going to launch it soon? *
What else in the driver app you need improvement? (please write) *
Do you agree if we cut higher commission from your fare but in return we give you more incentives? *
Is the PSV implementation on 12th July burdens you?
Do you like the idea of Nuccar doing Yearly Driver Appreciation Day and gives driver rewards and compliments of their hardwork? *
Do you know that Nuccar driver has a rewards by just top up your driving credit? *
Is our driver center giving you the best assistance ever?Are you having any issues with any of our CSO?
Tell us why do you drive with Nuccar? (can answer more than one) *
What is your hope that you want to tell Nuccar? *
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