Sexual Health Supplies
Use this form to request condoms, pregnancy tests and limited other supplies (e.g. lubricant sachets). Please note that we can only supply what CUSU gives us. Supplies will be left in the BA Welfare pigeonhole unless you request delivery to your own pigeon hole (Great Court Mailroom Only).
We try and respond to all requests within 48 hours.
What do you require? *
CUSU also provides limited other supplies; see their website for details. In terms of condoms, we have extra safe as standard. We also have limited supply of large, latex-free, ribbed, snug fit. We do not have any thin condoms.
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Any other details? (e.g. ribbed condoms)
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Please give an anonymous identifier that we can label the supplies with (e.g. rosebud). *
You can put your name if you want the package delivered to your pigeonhole (Great Court Mail Room only) and not the BA Welfare pigeonhole.
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