Balsz Community Education Foundation Opportunity Grant Application
The Balsz Community Education Foundation is pleased to provide the opportunity for employees of the Balsz School District to fund projects and opportunities for students that further the mission of the Balsz Foundation and the Balsz Elementary School District. Opportunity Grant applicants can request up to $500.00.

You will receive an email with 24 hours confirming receipt of your application. Your grant application will be evaluated by the Board, and you will receive the decision within 30-60 days of your submission. Receipts should be emailed or sent via US Mail to: Balsz Community Education Foundation, 4340 East Indian School Road,
Ste 21-563, Phoenix, AZ 85018.

We ask that you follow-up with an update (a short paragraph describing how the funds have positively impacted your students and, if applicable, a photo).

Questions? Please contact Jennifer Malone at
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Work Location *
Number of students served by this grant: *
How much money will you need? (Please note: $500 is the maximum amount) *
What is the goal of this funding? *
What will these funds be used for? (Please give specifics as to how the money will be spent.) *
If you are requesting money for a field trip, club, or other after-school activity, please explain why other funding such as your school's tax credit dollars are not being used (or enter N/A). *
If technology hardware, software, or websites are involved, Dr. Nan Williams, Interim IT Director has approved. *
A copy of your application will be forwarded to your principal/supervisor. Enter principal/supervisor email address: *
Has your principal/supervisor approved? *
Should I leave the school, I agree that any equipment and non-consumable items purchased with the grant will be left with my principal. Please type your name to confirm. *
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