GetRECt Fall Split Registration Form
This form is only half of registration! The other half (entry fee) can be taken care of at

The entry fee for any division is $31 per player unless otherwise specified by a Tournament Coordinator or special promotion. Every division uses the same rules, gets shoutcasted equally, and are prized based on participation! The event is meant to be something that works for everyone. Some players play to compete, some to watch themselves on stream to improve, and some play as a way to have fun with friends both on and off their team. Whatever your reason for playing, we try and facilitate it with our event! 75% of entry fee goes back to the players via prizepool and the rest helps pay for LAN venues, WiFi adapters, giveaways, ethernet cables & switches, chairs, tables and streaming equipment. All things we use season after season to try and provide better and better events <3 So we hope whatever your reason for playing this season, you find what you are looking for!

Eligibility for a certain division is as follows:
- The player's rank at the end of the 2017 LoL season (in both flex and solo queue) must also be at or below the rank of the division.
- The player cannot have exceeded the division's rank cap within the last 4 months (peak rank).
- You can use to check this information as well for any player.

Participating in a GetRECt League comes with the added benefit of (dependent on performance) participating in regional events. Examples include the Midwest Invitational, GetRECt All-Stars and the Midwest Summer Classic.

Playoffs are LAN (in-person) unless otherwise specified by a Tournament Coordinator or special circumstance.

Regular season is weekly and online. Scheduling is handled between captains each week with scheduling disputes being handled by the League's Tournament Coordinator or other League staff. Games and/or matches will be streamed to the best of a League staff's ability.

More information can be found on our website here:

This form is for teams (not individuals) to fill out.

Be sure to join the GetRECt Discord server as well as the OKLCS or LeagueKC server.

Rulebook for the Fall Split can be found here:

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Form closes August 18th when the Fall Split begins. Fall split LAN will be November 3rd. Regional event will be November 10th-11th.
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