Whitelist application for High Stakes Lion's RP

Here you can apply for playing on our server, which strives to be one of the very best in it's category. Please, before applying, see the rules on our website first. Only that way you'll be able to successfully pass out little test, that determine if and and how big of a contribution you might be to our community that we care about.

This whitelist application also serves as a basic guideline of what we expect from new players, when it comes to interactions with others. Since not many new players before even read those rules and therefore have been breaking them on regular basis and ruining the experience for everyone. We want that to change. All correct answers can be found in server rules that are linked below.

This application is made purposefully to take you some time. We really want you to read our rules, so we all will be on the same page and will avoid unnecessary confusion during the gameplay.

If you passed your application with ALL 26 POINTS, then you'll get into whitelist interview process with our admins on scheduled times. Join #ready to be interviewed voice chat(s) and admin will drag you to private channel to ask you few questions. If they'll want you in, they will greenlit you in our system and you will be able to join both rest of Discord and FiveM server in next 24 hours. If you're new to role play environment, don't be nervous. We're friendly and happy to help in the beginnings.

Here's calendar with scheduled interview times (after logging in with Google account, time zones are translated automatically into yours).


By applying to this application, you agree with both community and server rules and also LSPD Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). All is listed below. All is subject of change at any time.


Community rules:



Server rules:



LSPD Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)



Discord link:



Thank you and hopefully see you soon!
Are you 18, at least mentally? *
Respect for the community - a player approaches you, asking something you refuse to do. How do you respond? *
This server is based on the community and interaction. We require you to actually talk to players. How are you gonna do it? *
Are you gonna be using English exclusively when required (eg. police intervention)? *
Are you gonna avoid any form of racism/discrimination/rape RP or sexual harassment? *
How would you explain potential Fear RP scenario? (simple guidance explained in the server rules) *
What outcome will happen, if you will intentionally combat log off the server? *
Who do you think has the last word over any incident? *
A good example what we consider as LEO baiting? *
New life rule means: *
What is RDM/VDM? *
What is meta and power gaming and why it is wrong? *
You have something to say, how do you go about it? *
What do you think is the most retarded thing you can do while joining our Discord server? *
You have some complex issue you need a help with, what do you do? *
You see some game glitch/loophole being exploitable/being exploited by someone else. What do you do? *
What happens to you when creating chaos by flying dangerously within the city limits or harming other players in a similar way? *
Green zones are friendly zones. No one can be hurt inside those and only LSPD can interfere. *
You are concerned about the behavior or a member of LSPD/EMS/LSFD, what do you do? *
Do you understand that any of your actions that directly puts member of EMS/LSFD in danger can get you banned? *
What is the difference between an assault and a murder on our server? It's explained in our server rules, link to those is at the beginning of the application *
Chat is not actively used anymore and is considered to be obsolete. How do you think you should communicate with people on long distances instead? *
If you're gonna use vehicle as a weapon to harm another player, what's gonna happen? *
Gang restrictions - what do we mean by that? *
Bank robberies have certain set of rules in order to keep it fun for everyone. How do we expect you to behave?
Clear selection
Event organisation is very important to us to keep our standards for the community high. How do you think we expect you to behave in such situations?
Clear selection
Do you have some previous RP experience from another FiveM server or similar game environment? If not, tell us what you would ideally do on our server instead! *
(REQUIRED) We need your FiveM identifier (eg. fivem:551123 - length can differ). How can you find it and write it down here? If you don't have the FiveM forum account yet, create one at https://forum.cfx.re/ . Then make sure your FiveM forum account is connected with your FiveM client (while in the main menu, on the top will be big button labeled "LINK ACCOUNT" - click it). Try to connect to our server now, search for "High Stakes Lion" (or open client console by pressing F8 and type it "connect" without quotes - confirm it by hitting Enter) . This way your FiveM client will show you your unique FiveM identifier that you need to put below to get whitelisted. *
(REQUIRED) Provide us your FULL Discord identifier, eg. MoravianLion#1234 for communication with staff members. *
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