Secret Harmony Event-Blogger Application

The Secret Harmony Designer Event will run from the FIRST Saturday of the month until the LAST Saturday of the month. We are currently looking for 6 bloggers.

Current Round:

February: 4th -25th

Future Round Dates:

March: 4th - 25th
April: 1st - 29th

Details & Requirements:
-- You must blog at least 2 of the items from the event. You can do more if you would like to.
-- We ask that you blog the event items as early as possible. Please do not wait until the last week of the event to blog the event items.
-- Include the designer and event information, including the SLurls in your blog posts.
-- If you are unable to blog the event please let Kyle or Kylee know as soon as possible.
-- We would like for you to blog photos on the Secret Harmony website, as well, but this is not required.
-- Join the Secret Harmony Blogger & Designer group where you can stay updated about the event and notices.
-- We will use a box/vendor system to send out blog packs. These blog boxes will be located near each designer's booth.
-- Join the Secret Harmony group, where you will be able to send blog notices.(Not required, but we recommend it).
-- You can also post your blog posts on our Secret Harmony Designer Event Flickr page.

Below is a link to the Secret Harmony website:

Speak to Kyle (kwave.wilkinson) or Kylee (kyleesadiehopkins) directly as well as answering the related question.

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