Undeb Bangor - Your Students' Union University Room Booking Process For Bangor University Managed Facilities* by Club/Society/Volunteering Groups
All requests for space such as lecture theatres/rooms, halls and seminar rooms (pretty much everywhere except Sports facilities and those detailed below) that are to be used between 18:00 and 09:00 during Weekdays or at any time during Weekends MUST be requested via this process. Any bookings between 09:00 and 18:00 on Weekdays should be requested via timetable@bangor.ac.uk and NOT using this form.

This process will save you time as many areas that would previously have been queried after the booking are now made during the process. For complex events there may be further enquiries made to offer support or guidance to increase the chance of success for your activity.

As with all requests that are made, we suggest that you allow as much time as possible. No requests can be guaranteed however the majority do get approved. The more time you allow, the more chance it will be successful. We advise that you aim for a month. Any changes to your booking will require you to email opportunities@undebbangor.com explaining the amendments required. Amendments may not be possible due to the volume of bookings and may require a new booking so take your time to plan your bookings.

If your request relates to a project or an event that stretches beyond your typical regular activity you should begin work on your structured event plan and the accompanying risk assessment as both of these will be required before your booking can take place. Under no circumstances can food or alcohol be consumed in these facilities or animals present without our express approval. You must also prepare a budget to display how you will control financial risk surrounding your event if it exists. Please take particular note where you are inviting an external speaker or supporting any electoral campaigning on campus. There is further guidance within the form. If you intend to show a film, ONLY Main Arts Lecture Theatre (MALT - Eric Sunderland Lecture Theatre) can be used without a licence.

Your booking details will be stored online for up to 12 months. You can usually expect a response within 72 working hours however during busy periods this may extend. If you do not receive a response during this time: contact opportunities@undebbangor.com with details of your enquiry.

If your booking is for a date within the next 7 days, you should email opportunities@undebbangor.com to see if this will be possible. Bookings within the next 7 days are unlikely to be available. Please try and book as far in advance as possible.

*You will need to contact the administrator for the following spaces if you wish to use them as they are managed by those departments internally.

-Brigantia Reception x2211

Brambell & Memorial
-School of Biological Science

-School of Enviromental & Natural Resources

Alun Roberts
-School of Chemistry

-Brigantia Reception x2211

Dean Street
-School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

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