Ohayocon 2019 Vendor Room Application
Please note that this form is NOT a guarantee you will be admitted as a Dealer's Room to Ohayocon 2019. Treat this form as a resume for your business, please fill it out completely and accurately. After passing in this form we will evaluate all of the candidates and accept vendors to best serve our attendees. We are looking for courteous, flexible, cooperative, and patient vendors selling *officially licensed* merchandise. Accepted vendors will be held to terms of conditions of the contract and expected to follow instructions from Ohayocon and Convention Center staff.

Please read the form, and all questions, filling them out as accurately as possible. Any questions feel free to email us at vendors@ohayocon.org

The deadline for this application is June 30, 2018.

Booth Name *
Should you be accepted, this is the official name your business will be referred to as on our website and in our Guidebook.
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Company Name/DBAs
If your business goes by other names, please include that information here.
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Tax ID Number *
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Company Website
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Primary Contact Name *
First and Last Name
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Primary Contact Email *
This email will be used for official correspondence.
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Paypal Invoice Email *
Should you be accepted, this is the email that will be invoiced via Paypal. Be sure it is spelled correctly. If this field is left blank, the primary email address you provided will be invoiced.
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Phone Number *
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Number of Booths Requested *
We have a maximum booth limit of 4 booths per Dealer. If your business can't have less than a certain number of booths, please indicate this in the next item.
Number of Booths Needed *
What is the absolute minimum number of booths your business requires to make selling at this convention worth the trip? If we cannot provide your business with the minimum space indicated on this item, your business will automatically be put onto the waiting list.
Booth Flexibility Information *
Examples "We can take one corner or two in-lines", "Fine with whatever we're given", "Please don't put us next to so-and-so"; nothing is guaranteed, but we will do our best to accommodate.
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Corner Booth
Please select your preference on corners. We will try to accommodate your preference, but there is no guarantee either way.
Merchandise Offered Expressed in Percentage of Inventory Type *
ex: 40% DVDs, 40% Manga, 10% Keychains, 10% Wallscrolls
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List of Merchandise Offered *
DVDs, Manga, Table Top Gaming, Oldschool Merch, Imported or Domestic, etc.
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Brands Offered *
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Additional Information
Is there anything else we should know about your business?
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