Book Launch - Special Invitation for "The Thing I Do!" Book
Fill out below. Excited to connect with you and follow your great work and inspiration as well!

I will send you updates as we near the book launch of October 20th. (The public book launch is October 24th) on The Thing I Do streaming show on Facebook Live & YouTube live, so YOU are so important to us!

As part of my special launch team, you will receive a free e-book. In return, I ask that you post a review on Amazon during the first few days of its launch.

The Thing I Do is very dear to so many people! It was developed with the ideas that everything we all do, including YOU matters, and when we connect with other people, we ALL have the ability to rise as leaders, sharing "their thing" to inspire kids' imagination!

Wait til you see the free printables and curriculum, we have for YOU for participating!

Thank you, oh, so much!
I love to connect with stories to inspire children!

Lisa Caprelli
Author, Director of The Thing I Do kids show

Be part of #TheThingIDoChallenge Go to: Now on Amazon TV, too!

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