Dicksucking Skillz Questionaire
Each question is worth a certain undisclosed amount of points. The final scores will be calculated and sent to you within 24 days of completion. First prize will win a free book from MJ and/or Linzi Basset.

This is sponsored by MJ's SmutStreet Spunkies Von Bitchenstein's and Linzi's Angels.

Answer wisely and honestly. Enjoy!

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Has any guy ever bragged in front of you to another guy about how well you suck dick? *
Did anyone ever pass out after getting head from you? *
What's the biggest cock you've swallowed? *
If you were a prostitute, what would you offer most? Why? And how much would you charge
BJ, Sex, Anal, Cum on Tits, Ass to Mouth, or Other -- Please write a short paragraph
3 points
Your answer
What's the best position for giving head? *
Don't like
Never tried
Head hanging off bed/couch
lying on side
69 on back
Him straddling me
In the yoga position "bridge"
What makes giving head even hotter? *
1 point
Did a guy ever buy you a gift the same day he first got head from you? Yes or No. If yes, what was the gift? *
1 point
How many guys have fucked your ass? *
5 points
Which do you prefer? *
1 point
I have been stalked *
How many guys have given you a cum facial? *
3 points
Who did you give the best blowjob of your life to?
1 point
Do you give blowjobs or think they're icky? *
1 point
Who are the last three guys you caught staring at your tits? How did you catch them?
3 points
Your answer
I have sucked a dick that was previously in... *
1 point
How many guys have cum in your mouth? *
3 points
What's your name / nickname? *
Your answer
I have *
Once in a while
Only when drunk
Frequently, but not always
Every Time I Suck Dick
gotten nose to pubes
felt balls against your chin
vomited from going so deep
swallowed cum
taken a facial
let him hold my head and skullfuck me
been slapped while sucking dick and liked it
had my hands bound while sucking
used my hands on cock while sucking
been fucked from behind while sucking
worn a butt plug while sucking
sucked dick in public
sucked more than one dick at time
How many guys have you fucked? *
3 points
Who would you like most to give a blowjob to and why (fantasy to reality, anything goes)
3 points
Your answer
Do you like watching porn? *
1 point
not at all
so so so so much
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