Good Fit Questionnaire for Prospective Buyers of Affordable Homes at Nomad Cohousing
Thank you for your interest in Nomad Cohousing!

This questionnaire is designed to help get a sense of your understanding of and interest in being a contributing member of Nomad Cohousing. The seller of the affordable home you are looking at will work together with the Nomad Cohousing Community to review all submissions and make sure applicants are a good fit for the Cohousing lifestyle. You don’t have to be the best cook, or the best snow shoveller, rather this will help us gauge your interest in living and engaging in a Cohousing community.

You may submit this questionnaire via the online survey below, by email at or in hard copy to the seller’s real estate agent.
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Have you been approved by the affordable housing program of the city of Boulder?
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Have you attended an Open House for the home you wish to buy?
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Have you read the Nomad FAQ for Prospective Buyers document?
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Have you read the Life at Nomad Cohousing Community document?
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Have you read and signed the Nomad Cohousing Community Participation Agreement?
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