CAN Lab RA application
Please complete this form to be considered for a research assistant position with the Clinical Affective Neuroscience lab directed by Dr. Gregory Strauss at UGA.

Please note: Applications are reviewed each Spring semester. Our lab holds potential Research Assistants to high standards and only selects a couple each year.
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1. Explain your specific interest in the areas of affective neuroscience and/or psychopathology research (e.g., Do you have an interest in a particular aspect of cognition or emotion, specific symptoms of schizophrenia, or the use of a certain neuroscience method like EEG?) *
2. Describe any prior research experience you have had, including the name of the lab you worked in and your duties as a research assistant *
3. Describe any other experience you have had in the field of psychology (aside from research or coursework, please do not disclose personal or family history of mental illness) *
4. What psychology courses have you taken to date (including those in which you are currently enrolled)? *
5. What are your future educational plans? Do you intend to go on to graduate school in psychology? *
6. What career do you plan to pursue in the future? If you want to become a psychologist, do you plan to pursue a career in research or a career in clinical work? *
7. Are you enrolled in the Honors Program? Do you want to conduct an honors thesis? If so, please describe topics of interest.
8. Approximately how many hours could you devote to research in the lab each week? *
Our lab undergoes many projects at a time and we look for research assistants to commit at least 10 hours per week to working in the lab.
9. Please provide any additional information that may be pertinent to working as a research assistant in the CAN lab (e.g., personal qualities that will make you a great research assistant, why you want to join the lab etc: *
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