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Crestwood Village at Frederick, Maryland, ARC Application
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Crestwood Village at Frederick, Maryland. I hereby apply for approval to make the property modification(s) described in this application. If my application is approved, I understand that the approval is only for what I have indicated below and is based upon the facts that I have presented. I UNDERSTAND THAT NO WORK IS TO BEGIN UNTIL WRITTEN APPROVAL IS RECEIVED FROM THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES. As appropriate, I have provided, or will provide, to the Management Office (via email or other means): a drawing to scale or rendering of the modification or photo of the exterior building and property, a copy of the plat showing house dimensions and property lines, a copy of the manufacturer’s brochure or advertisement, specified the type of materials to be used (glass, wood, aluminum, vinyl, or other). PERMISSION IS HEREBY GRANTED FOR MEMBERS OF THE ARC, BOT, AND CRESTWOOD STAFF TO ENTER ON MY PROPERTY TO MAKE REASONABLE INSPECTION OF MODIFICATIONS PROPOSED/COMPLETED. I understand that: All necessary County permits must be obtained by owner before any construction can begin. All work must begin within sixty (60) days of the date of approval, and be completed within ninety (90) days thereafter, or it will be necessary to submit a new application. All maintenance required as a result of any changes/additions of this property modification is my responsibility and not that of the Homeowners Association. Any damage that results to any portion of a building or property as a result of the modification shall be my sole responsibility. Crestwood Office must be notified within 10 days after completion of modification. **After submission, an ARC member will contact the owner within 10 working days for an appointment (if necessary). *
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