Questionaire Bow Hunting
This project studies the use of archery equipment (bows and arrows) for hunting. Participating hunters from european countries, in which these practises are legal (i. e. France, Spain, Danmark) hunt game animals using archery equipment in regular hunting practice and report using this form as standardized data collection protocol.

Questionaire by Dr. Carl Gremse. Direct questions to

Type of bow used
Draw (lbs)
Your answer
Type of arrow used
Mass of arrow used (including head) (g)
Your answer
Diameter of arrow head (mm) *
Your answer
Number of blades
Arrow velocity (m/s)
Your answer
Animal orientation
Entry wound location
Exit wound location
Animal was shot (Date)
Animal was shot (Time)
Type of Hunt
Species shot
Mass of animal (gralloched)
Distance shot
Distance run (by animal after shot)
Sign found (at point of animal shot)
Injured Organs
Arrow penetration
Degree of Carcass bleeding
Degree of damage to internal organs
Meat Quality
Animal behaviour before the shot
Animal behaviour after being shot
Comments on animal trail
Other information
Do you have other information to report?
Your answer
Was the carcass observed without fir/hair?
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