Yes, I'd like to learn more about being a Beautycounter consultant!
Being a Beautycounter consultant is great for so many reasons...

•You can help educate others about safer products so they can be healthier.  (So many don't even know about the junk they're putting on their bodies when using skincare and makeup from the store and WE can help them!)

•Earn money from home and be there for your kids. (Meet a friend for coffee and a walk on a Tuesday morning if you want!)

•Be your own boss, set your own hours, it's all up to your when you work!

•Get to be part of a team of women who care about each other and root for your success!

However, it's not always easy and it's not for everyone.  There are times that are busier than others, you need to be a somewhat organized person, and you have to be willing to put in *some* work.  As they say, "the hours are flexible but they're not optional", not if you want to make an income!  Even if your goal is only to make a little side income just to take the financial pressure off (which is totally fine, you can make it whatever you want it to be!), you still need to set aside at least a little time each week to work on it.  (Don't worry about not knowing what or HOW to work on your business though, because that's the easy part, which I'll help you with!)

I enjoy it so much though because I've always loved helping others to be healthier, and now having a growing Beautycounter income makes it extra fun!  Best of all though is the many friends I've made, from the gals on my team to my clients, it's been so neat getting to know many new and wonderful people.

Below are a few questions to see if you might be a good fit for my team, and then be sure to watch the video below for more!

Go to the Beautycounter site to learn more that way too:

***Remember don't sign up without checking in with me though, as there are often special deals going on that are only available when you sign up:
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Please tell me a little about your current skincare and makeup routine?  If you don't have much of a routine (which is how I used to be!), just let me know. *
Do you enjoy helping others to be healthier?  Have you done this in the past? *
Have you thought before about working from home?  How would this benefit you to have flexible hours and to be your own boss?   *
If you were to join Beautycounter, what would be your financial goal?  Would you like to just get the 25% product discount (that's okay if so!), or would you like to make an income as well?  How would this help your family if you were able to build up to a significant monthly income? *
Would you say that you're an organized person? *
Do you have any questions for me?  Would you like me to call you so we can chat more?  (If not, just write "no" in the space here or just email if you'd rather communicate that way: *
***Watch my video here for more about being a Beautycounter consultant, you may have to type in this link:  Use the password: Join-BC (it's case-sensitive so be sure to type it in the same way it is here).
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