The Writing Platform: Survey on the impact of digital on writers' needs.
The Writing Platform aims to offer affordable, practical advice for writers - however they are published - on digital publishing, social media and online reader audiences and developing creative practice. The project, funded by National Lottery and supported by Arts Council England, will help inform writers about their publishing options in a rapidly changing landscape.

We are conducting this survey in order to ascertain how The Writing Platform can best serve the writing community, as well as to provide feedback to our funders. No information contained in the results will be attributed to the person who submitted it without their explicit consent being obtained in advance. The survey results maybe anonymised, and, for information and/ or research purposes, may also be made available to other organisations, some of which are our funding partners.

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Basic information
All the information you provide in this survey will be used anonymously. It is really helpful for us to gather this information in order to tailor The Writing Platform to the needs of writers and to feedback to our funders.
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Your writing and publishing
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Would you describe yourself as a 'genre' writer? *
If 'yes', which genre
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Have you self-published any of your work? *
If you have self-published some of your work, which platform(s) did you use?
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Do you currently showcase your writing on any of these writer/reader communities?
Please check all applicable. By 'writer/reader communities' we are referring to sites that enable you to share your work with others for free but not to sell it.
Have you worked on any multimedia or cross-platform story projects? *
Are you interested in collaborative working? *
By 'collaborative working' we mean working with another writer, an artist or a technologist to create a work together.
Your online profile
Do you have a website or blog? *
Are you active on any of the following social platforms?
Please check all applicable. By active we mean logging in more than once a week and posting content on a regular basis.
If you use social media, what are your reasons for doing so?
Please check all answers most relevant to you.
If you use social media for your writing e.g. to research or promote your work, which platforms have you found most effective?
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Developments and new opportunities in writing and publishing
Do you actively keep abreast of developments and new opportunities in writing and publishing? *
Where do you find out about developments and new opportnities in writing and publishing
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Writers are well represented in the debates around digital writing and publishing' *
Please indicate how strongly you disagree/ agree with the above statement.
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The biggest challenge facing writers in the digital age is...
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The biggest opportunity for writers in a digital age is ...
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Areas of interest
I am interested in finding out more about: *
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I find the best way to learn new things is ... *
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How much are you willing to pay for the following services? *
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half day hands-on workshop with experts
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Full day conference with speakers and workshops
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