The Snow Fortress (Question 1/5)
You've noticed something strange going on at the Somerset Public Library.  Whenever Mr. Daniel, the Youth Services Librarian, locks up for the night, he never goes straight to his car.  Instead, he goes to a massive snow pile next to the library, where he disappears for hours at a time.  What could he be doing in there?

One day, your curiosity gets the better of you.  You decide to check out this pile of snow.  There, you find a tunnel that goes steeply down.  As you crawl inside, you realize that the entire thing is slick with ice.  You can't catch yourself or stop your descent, and slide all the way to the bottom.

The tunnel dumps you out inside of an igloo.  There are four different exits, besides the hole in the ceiling that you fell through, and you can't get back out that way.  You begin to suspect that this is another trap set by the Devious Mr. Daniel.

There are footprints in the snow on the floor of this igloo, four sets of them, all starting from right where you landed.  They all lead to different doorways.  You look around for any clues you can find, and notice something written on one of the icy bricks of the igloo:

"Follow the one who doesn't feel the cold."
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