Homeschool Volleyball Open Gym
We are making some changes to our volleyball offerings and are now offering both high school & junior high girls opportunities. Sorry for the changes but we've been working hard to bring the costs down.

We are partnering with ABA Supreme (Agape Sports Productions) to offer Junior High & High School Girls Homeschool Volleyball this fall. THE COST IS ONLY $150 PER PLAYER FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON!

We are so excited because we as a homeschool family know that the barrier to sports participation is often the cost. And, the cost to just have a team is usually the driving factor to have to charge the $250-500 per player that other organizations have to charge to pay for practice gym space, equipment, etc. So, we've been working really hard to find avenues with our connections to keep this cost low. We are achieving this by partnering with Agape because they have all the resources and because this is their business!

Practice will be 2 times a week from 4:00-5:30pm at SAC gym (17800 Holke Rd, Independence, MO 64057). Junior High will be Monday/Thursday and High School will be Tuesday/Friday until games start and then we will practice one day a week.

We will be starting practices the week of August 1st.

We will be playing 12-15 games against other homeschool organizations and private schools. And, we will be hosting at least 2 tournaments of our own. And, we will be playing in the NCHC regional and nationals tournaments. This will be a school environment complete with music, introductions and the whole pep feel! The girls are going to love it! Our home games will be played at SAC or another area gym.

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