Safe Optics
Our goal is to contribute to the activities of responsible opticians, that's why we invite you to join the project "Safe Optics".

Bod Lenses wants to help you, dear clients, ensure a safe and high-quality customer service standard. Also - to inform all citizens in which and specific opticians they can expect a responsible approach and compliance with the relevant hygiene requirements.

Presentation of the project to the public:
By joining our initiative, you will receive a package of measures designed to inform customers about the safety and maintain the cleanliness of the optical salon:
• Hand sanitizer (500 ml)
• Liquid for disinfecting spectacle frames (100 ml).
• Poster (A3 format)
• A4 plastic stand with safety recommendations
• 12 cm. diameter sticker on the window (double-sided printing)
• Banner package for social networks (Facebook cover, Instagram / FB message visual, e-mail signature)
Would you like to join the project? *
The name and address of your optician (or company) where you will receive the marketing toolkit *
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I agree that the name of the optics I represent will be publicly available on Bod Lenses' website and social networks. I confirm that the company I represent takes all hygiene requirements and health care measures set by the state. I agree that all hygiene and customer information provided by Bod Lenses will be used in my optician's salon as agreed. *
If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions related to the project - write to us.
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