Mixxer Survey
Mixxer's members are what make it such a wonderful place. As we grow, we want to collect data that will help us serve you better by developing programming, applying for grants, and tweaking the operations.

This data will be reported in aggregate. Member names and information will not be shared, unless you choose to share a story of how Mixxer has helped you in your life and give us permission to use your story when we write grants.

Make Stuff! Learn Stuff!
Are you a current member?
What tools, equipment or programming would you like to see at Mixxer?
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What is your race?
What is your annual household income before taxes?
Do you use Mixxer to make money?
Can you share any details or stories about a product or service you're able to make/provide because of Mixxer? Does Mixxer save you time or money, or inspire new ideas? Tell us, please. This will help us develop grants around workforce and economic development.
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Can we share your story with grant making organizations, along with your name? If so, please type your name below.
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