BACN membership application form
Please complete this form if you wish to apply for membership of the British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience. On approval of your application, you will be contacted by the membership secretary/treasurer to arrange payment of your membership dues (usually by standing order).

Members from all categories receive details of meetings of the British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience (BACN), and the Association’s Proceedings, which include abstracts from the annual scientific meetings.

The categories of membership are:

Ordinary members are actively involved in cognitive neuroscience (including psychophysiology) and have full voting rights. Members who are retired pay a reduced annual fee (see table below).

Student members are students of cognitive neuroscience (including psychophysiology) who provide written status of their student status at the time of application, and have voting rights. They must be full-time students and not in full-time employment.

Affiliates are people who are current members of another European Psychophysiology Society. They do not have voting rights.

Subscribers are those interested but not actively involved in cognitive neuroscience. They do not have voting rights.

Honorary members are members of the Association considered to have made an outstanding contribution to cognitive neuroscience (including psychophysiology). Honorary members are elected by the Committee. They have full voting rights but do not pay fees.

PLEASE provide us with an e-mail address that is likely to be valid for some time (e.g., if you are a student, best would be a private e-mail address).

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