Log #moveithk hours
Log your workouts! Log them daily or accumulate them over the month yourself (in notes of via an app) and log them into this form at the end of each week or at the end of #moveithk on February 17. Either way, we'll keep track of your total (please use the same email each time)

Please log workouts you do during the #moveithk campaign period (January 16 - February 17 2019). Remember, you can join at any time. Even if you decide to just do one workout class this period - logging it will help show your support for mental health it Hong Kong!
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Log your 30 minute run or 4 hours of tennis over the past 4 days. Up to you! We'll keep track of your progress.
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OPTIONAL: Please note down any specific benefits your workout(s) has had on your mental wellbeing (e.g. decreased stress levels/increased productivity).
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