Registration to attend Peterhead Alert Level 3
This is only open to those who genuinely need their children to attend school. If you have no choice but to send them to school. We have limited people on the ground to teach our tamariki so we need all of our Peterhead Whānau to think about this and support us by only sending your children if it is absolutely needed.

Please read the following stipulations carefully before you request registration, you need to be able to assure the school that you can follow these rules.

Your whanau will need to follow the following guidelines:

- School gates will not be open until 8.30am no children are allowed to enter the school until then.

- All students will need to go straight to their classes - there will be no playing on the playground before school

- Only one adult is allowed to drop off your child/children

- The office is a one in one out policy (like dairies) please stay back on the 2 m line that is indicated on the floor

- You need to be able to pick your child up or make an arrangement within your bubble to pick your child up at 2.45pm. We can not hold your child at school for longer.

- There is NO homework centre available

- No parents are permitted inside the classrooms.

- No parents or whanau will be allowed to deliver lunch to school - your child/ren must come with this in their bags.

- You must social distance yourself from others on the basketball court at the end of the day and wait for your child. (Younger children only).

- There will be NO LUNCH orders. So all children will need lunches from home. We will have some kids can food available.

- If your child show signs of sickness at school at any time you need to be able to be contacted and will need to pick them up immediately. They will not be able to return until well again.

- Any child who is not able to attend school independently e.g. will not be able to stay in class without parents support, will not be able to attend as we need to social distance them and will not be able to provide the cuddles they may need.

- If you or any of your family come in contact with anyone suspected of Covid-19 you must immediately pick your child up self-isolate. They will not be able to come back to school till they have been symptom-free for 14 days.

Please have this completed by this Friday 24th April at 12pm.
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Who do you need to send to school? First and last name and year or teacher.
Please write the names of all of the members of your bubble (including from you newly small extended bubble) This is for contact tracing.
Parent/Parents Names
Phone Number you can be contacted on (this is in case of emergency or sickness) We need two different numbers.
What are the circumstances that mean your child/ren NEED to be at school?
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