Custom-Fit Circle Skirt Order Form
Hello! Please fill out the form below to receive the perfect skirt made for you! Tip: For the most accurate measurements have a friend help. Skirt price: $42.00
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Waist Length (Inches) Be careful not to hold the measuring tape too tight or loose or the skirt will not fit *
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Skirt Length (Hang a measuring tape from where you took your waist measurement and look in a mirror to determine how long you want your skirt) *
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Would you like your initials monogrammed inside the waistband? (addition cost of $5.00) *
If you answered "yes" to the question above please write the initials you would like embroidered (max 3 letters)
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Your skirt will be done within two weeks (this does not include shipping time)! If there are any complications or your measurement seems incorrect I will contact you. For any questions please email me at
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