10 Minute Lesson Registration Form Series #3
We are back!! A little knowledge can go along way. What can you learn in 10 minutes? Join us for our upcoming 10 Minute FM Lessons to find out. Series # 3 starts Thursday March 18th 3PM EST. Please feel free to share this form with your colleagues! Be on the look out for your zoom link no later then 12pm EST on Thursdays.
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Sign up for all 5 sessions or just the ones that interest you (which is hopefully all of them). Sessions are Thursdays at 3pm EST *
We have a Youtube Channel!
Check out previous 10 Minute FM Lessons here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7mRDSgxNK6e34VwtyOD3LA
Want a deeper diver into your FM education? Consider earning your ProFM Crendential! Our next Coach Led Virtual ProFM Class starts April 29, 2021 classes. Check out www.learntobeanfmpro.com for more information. AFD is proud to be a ProFM Education Partner
We look forward to you joining us for our 10-Minute lessons! Be on the look out for your calendar and zoom link. Questions? Please contact alana@afdfacilityplanning.com. Missed a session? Recordings can be found at www.afdfacilityplanning.com
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