The 1-on-1 Fully Living Program
Thank you for applying, I really appreciate your interest in my work. I do take on coaching clients from time to time but only if there's a good match.

Please respond to the questions below (everything you share is confidential). .

Tal Gur

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Such as where you are now, your situation, how you got to be where you are at this moment. What country are you from? age group? What do you do for a living? Any achievements or milestone moments? What are your biggest passions or/and special interests?
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The Program
The One-on-One program includes the following components:

- Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions via Skype — 4 each month – during which we will dive deeply into your personal journey.
- Weekly email support, goal-setting, feedback, and accountability check-in via Email.
- Quarterly planning intensives. These will be longer sessions focused on the big picture and will include key metrics and action items.
- Ongoing monitoring through spreadsheet tracking or goal attainment software to ensure momentum is never lost.

What is the max MONTHLY dollar amount you are willing to invest? *
I’d like you to tell me how much you are willing to invest - in the program and in yourself. It's one of the the determining factors to be accepted into the coaching program. Once I receive your application, I'll personally review it and, if there seems to be a good fit, I'll contact you for the next step.
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Will you be able to put consistent effort into the coaching program for at least 3 months? *
How much you're willing to invest is only one of the determining factors to be accepted to the coaching program. The other, just as important factor, is commitment. Commitment to your dreams, to the process, to taking actionable steps, and most importantly to be willing to do it consistently for at least 3 months.
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Any other questions, thoughts, or comments you want to share?
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