EPM Content Team Open Call
Dear Network,

At the Spring Agora 2020, it was decided that the topic of our annual thematic conference, European Planning Meeting (EPM), will be “Circular Economy - from Grassroots Level to Policy Making”. The EPM will take place in Tartu during the first quarter of 2021.

In order for the conference to be successful, high-quality content needs to be developed. Therefore, we are issuing an Open Call for EPM Content Managers in order to have a Content Team who will work closely with the Comité Directeur and the Strategy Committee on developing this content. EPM Content Managers will mainly have the following tasks:

- Developing the topic of EPM into the content of the conference;
- Selecting relevant speakers that can contribute to the discussion;
- Documenting the outcomes of the sessions during EPM;
- Creating follow-up materials after EPM based on the documentation;
- Performing any other EPM-related tasks that may arise;
- Ensuring smooth flow of the event together with Strategy Committee and Comité Directeur;
- Providing organisational support during the whole development of the event.

In order to qualify for this position, applicants should fulfill the following criteria:

- Availability at least 6 hours a week from September 2020 until first quarter of 2021;
- Ability to be present during the whole duration of the EPM;
- Basic knowledge on the topic (current political situation, challenges to overcome, situation of youth etc.);
- Experience in attending or organising conferences;
- Commitment and motivation.

For more details about the topic itself, please read the main points of discussion as submitted by the proposer, Ingeliis Siimsen from AEGEE-Tartu:

- Circular Economy - main principles and its relevance
- Circular Economy and European Union - how is circular economy addressed in the strategy of the EU and the Green Deal.
- Consumer behaviour - its influence on circular economy, the life cycle of products
- The Circular Jobs Initiative - the future jobs and competences needed in the changing labor market
- Extending the lifespan of products - practical knowledge on how to choose products that are in accordance with the principles of circular economy
- Digital waste - energy consumption and the cost of storing data

You also can find all the information of the topic in the Proposals Booklet (pg. 19):

The deadline to apply is the 9th of September 23:59 CEST

If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask them through projects@aegee.eu

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!
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