BannerRuck Team Submission Form
Thank you for your participation in BannerRuck 3.0! We will send your patches to one address and we ask that you distribute to your teammates locally. Please designate ONE person from your team fill out this form.

Patches are earned and are therefore free of charge. Please include $1 per patch domestically (US & Canada) and $2 per patch for international submissions to cover shipping fees. Shipping fees can be sent via Paypal to

BannerRuck event deadline is January 20th, 2020.
This form closes January 25th, 2020.

Direct any questions to @RuthShepherd or
Rules and details posted to
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How many agents successfully completed BannerRuck on your team? *
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What address should we send your patches to? Please include: 1. Real name, 2. address in correct format with paragraph breaks, 3. Please include country. *
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