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Please fill out entire application.  

This is a first come, first serve offering and subject to a screening of your registration form.  Space will be limited to create an "intimate" setting for our circle.

Registration and full payment must be sent to save your space in the circle.

If the offering you signed up for becomes full- I will add you to the waitlist in the order you submit your application.

***Once you have filled out the application and pressed "SUBMIT" -- I will email you a confirmation notice and payment info within 1 week.

Full Refunds only given 2 weeks before start of class.  No refunds given once class has begun.  You may always use your payment/deposit for credit for future classes or one-one healing sessions.  

Strong Spirit // Strong Movement
Starts March 2, 2022
6-Week New Moon Cycle Circle
Wednesday Evenings, Week of The Full Moon

March 2
March 30
April 27
June 1
June 29
July 27

6:30 - 8:00 pm PST

$250 - $350 sliding scale

Your people are calling.  Our people are calling.  From the past to the future, our beloved ones want to share from their vantage point to help us continue to be agents of the New Earth Rising.  This circle is for artists, visionaries, social organizers, designers, educators, parents, care-takers, deprofessionalize and untitled change makers, scientists and spiritualists alike.  A channeled healing and strategy circle for these momentous futurepresent times, this circle will be formatted with a grounding practice, a channeled transmission by a collective of our guides and Source and community style engagement to help us cultivate strategy, leadership and imagination with a Spirit-Guided framework.  We are in the precipice of the futurepresent and we need all the guidance we can receive.  Let’s listen.  

Thank You,


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We are all navigating translating our work and our offerings to what was once a dynamic in-person setting.  Some of that we are able to translate, some of it we simply cannot.  These are requests and guidelines to help us create a safe and dynamic healing and educational space:

All Online Classes/Circles will be conducted via Zoom.  To respect privacy and create a real-time intimate experience no classes will be recorded. For certain classes, there will be handouts given and you can always ask your fellow classmates to exchange notes if needed.

Please create a sacred space for yourself.  I know we are all in the different spectrum of sharing home space with others (or not)- so do what you can to have a space for this time free from distraction.  How can you create sacred space for yourself at home/where you are sheltering?

Much of my work and teaching manner is ritual-based and so while this looks very different from what’s possible online, I ask that we hold that together.  How would you enter a ritual?

Much of what I will be sharing and the experience I am trying to hold for all of us has a political, historical and spiritual nature. This can be heavy and deep so I ask you to also do what you need to take care of yourself during this time.  (During the class feel free to excuse yourself to use the bathroom when you need to, drink some water, have some snacks near by, etc.)  I have also timed breaks into the schedule so there will be some spaciousness.  

If there are any equity or access issues/questions- please contact me directly (child care, can't turn on video setting for some reason, etc.)  otherwaysofseeing@gmail.com
FULL NAME First, Last *
Phone Number # *
Location (City/State/Country- if international) *
Preferred gender pronoun
Racial/cultural/ethnic background
For the purposes of creating a safe space for the group, in what other ways do you self-identify that you'd like to specifically and explicitly let us know?
What is your intention for joining this circle?
This will be a live channeled transmission.  If you have never experience a channeling before, do you feel open to experiencing the transmission?  
Have you personally worked with or been guided in working with your spiritual guides before?  (including beloved ancestors, diwatas, fairies, animals, plants, the elementals, past, future and parallel dimensional versions of yourself and other beings across the spectrum of light and dimensionality?
What is your relationship to your "higher self"?  If this understanding is new to you, describe how you guide yourself or who or how you are guided?
In some ways we will be operating like a "collective consciousness" during the transmission.  It is important during the channeling that we listen and operate from a grounded and clear place. Do you have a regular practice of clearing/cleansing your energetic field/body?
One of the purposes of this circle is to receive guidance from our guides to help us keep becoming the "New Earth" we are evolving towards.  Shortly describe the work and the purpose you play in the world.  Do you need any guidance around your work?  Describe some of the ways you will plug in what you learn from this circle/these transmissions directly into your work. ** "Work" here can be defined in the spectrum of *paid work, purposeful work, spiritual work, social justice work, unpaid work- wherever "purpose" lies meaning for you.
For part of circle we will be doing some group discussion in small groups and medium-size groups, are you willing to be in engagement with the community we build in this circle?
Anything else we should know about you?
This container will be held with sacred protocol.  I ask that if you cannot commit to being fully present during the circle that  you commit to another time this will be offered, when you can be.  Are you willing to be co-responsible for the sacredness and  presencing of the container?  (including no multi-tasking, being on video as much as possible, not driving, in transit or being at another space other than somewhere where you can be fully present). If there is an ability need OR taking care of children- this does not apply to the ask but I ask for your discretion in what will help you to stay present and focused on the circle and transmission.  *We will have one short break during the circle to take care of basic bio needs.
How did you hear about the class/offering?
Any questions for us?
SALAAM AT  //  SALAMAT- I will send you a confirmation e-mail along with payment info within a week from your application submission.  -angel(a)
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