League of Legends at LFG Cybercafe
Event Timing: Wednesday Nights from 7pm to 10pm, 2020
Event Address: 5500 Babcock Rd. Suite 118 San Antonio, TX 78240
Contact us at (210) 706-0219 or on our Discord (https://discord.gg/lfgcybercafe)
What is your League of Legends Summoner name (In-game name)? *
What is your LFG Cybercafe Account Name (the username you use to log into our PCs)? If you haven't created an account, leave this blank. *
Have you joined our Discord (https://discord.gg/lfgcybercafe)? Please note you will be asked to join upon playing matches with other community members at LFG Cybercafe. Joining now will save time for everyone. *
I understand that I will have to pay $5.00 upon arrival to participate from 7pm to 10pm and extra time is subject to LFG Cybercafe's normal rates. *
I understand that this event is first come first serve. Signing up here on this registration does not guarantee a seat from 7pm to 10pm. (Feel free to show up early to grab your spot). *
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