Connect for Success: Parent Survey
As part of the Connect for Success Grant, CDE is gathering information from parents, teachers, administrators, students, and support staff on their perceptions of the school. We are inviting you to give input by completing this survey questionnaire.
How many years have you had a child/children at this school *
How many of your children are currently attending this school?
I feel welcomed at this school.
I have good relationships with my child's (children's) teachers.
My child's/children's school has engaged me in parent and community events.
The school has shared ways in which I can contribute to my child's/children's education (for example, how to review and support homework.)
Does your child participate in any of the following support programs or activities at school (check as many as apply and indicate how many of your children participate in each)?
Someone from the school has explained the Colorado Academic Standards to me.
Someone from the school has explained the Colorado English Language Proficiency standards (CELP Standards) to me.
This school has high-quality instruction that challenges my child (children).
I receive regular communication from school personnel (such as news letters, notes or email from teachers or principal).
I know that content or skills my child is (children are) expected to learn.
My child's (children) receives extra support from the school if needed.
My child's (children's) teachers set high expectations for him/her/them.
This school is a place where learning is a priority.
My child's (children's) teachers keep me well-informed about how my child is (children are) doing in school.
My child is (children are) aware of his/her/their progress in school.
School personnel share my child's (children's) performance on assessments with me and explain the results to me.
The school personnel (principals, teachers, etc.) explain to me how state test results are used by the school to plan what is taught.
My child feels (children feel) safe at school.
My child likes (children like) school.
I am comfortable communicating with my child's (children's) teachers.
My child has (children have) opportunities to be involved in additional activities at school or after school (extracurricular activities such as sports, music, or clubs.)
It is easy for parents to meet with the principal, teachers, or counselors.
I have a voice in my child's (children's) education at this school.
I am satisfied with how much my child has (children have) been learning at this school.
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