Hive WR Community Survey
Dear friends,

The Hive Waterloo Region team has decided to take a hiatus starting June 1, 2017. Over the past year we have experienced a great deal of support from the community, for which we thank you! However, at the same time, we have found ourselves unable to fully meet numerous and varied requests for support, due to lack of resources. As a result, we will (mostly) be taking the summer off to explore how we can best make impact in our community.

If you would like to support our work going forward, please take a few moments and let us know below the ways in which Hive WR can best serve you and your needs:
What do you value about being part of the Hive community?
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Which focus area(s) of Hive Waterloo Region's work is/are most relevant to your needs?
Which of the following are of the most interest to you in sharing our work and community with you?
Please use this space to let us know any specific thoughts, suggestions, or questions you may have!
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