Region 24 Middle School All-Region Audition Contract
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Before the applicant will be allowed to audition, the applicant and applicants parents must agree to the following.
We, the undersigned, understand and accept the obligations and responsibilities that come with
membership in the Region 24 Orchestras. We agree to attend all scheduled rehearsals and follow the code
of conduct of an All-Region Orchestra member. As the parent / legal guardian of the applicant, I authorize
Region 24 Orchestra officials to seek medical help for my child, if needed.
Saturday, October 26: Auditions at Plano East Senior High School. Individual times assigned.
Friday, November 8: 6pm-9pm: Rehearsal at Memorial HS (Frisco ISD)
Saturday, November 9, 9am-4pm: Rehearsal at Memorial HS
Saturday, November 9, 4pm-5:30pm: Concert at Memorial HS

Absolutely no deviation from this schedule will be allowed. If you cannot meet these obligations, please do
not apply for or accept membership in these organizations.
Audition Fee
A $10 audition fee must be completed through MyPisd Portal.
By submitting this form, I understand that I will immediately be enrolled in the All Region Audition.
I agree to pay the $10 audition fee before 10/19/2019
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