(彳亍以行) 公開招募 | Open call
關於"彳亍以行" | About (彳亍以行) 由李繼忠和沈軍發起,是一個共同生成的藝術項目,聚集新晉藝術家散落在公共領域的檔案與思想碎片,透過特定的標籤與圖譜系統,逐漸生成一個網上檔案庫。我們嘗試建造一種替代性的藝術「介面」(interface),在善用公共資源的前提下,透過再次分配的努力,推動個體與個體之間的漣漪激蕩出最大的「公共性」,創造一個平行、浮動於現實世界的藝術時空(spatiotemporality)。



Initiated by LEE Kai Chung and SHEN Jun, is a collective art project that gathers the fragments of emerging artists' archives and ideas scattered in the public domain, and gradually generates an online archives by weaving into a specific tagging and mapping system. Given that the project is funded by public resources, by the same token, we hope to create the greatest possible "publicness" amongst individuals through efforts on reallocation of the granted resources. Our attempt is to outline an alternative art 'interface' that unfolds into a parallel yet more flexible spatiotemporality of art scene paralleled to the existing.

For the first stage of the project, we will launch an open call for young local artists between the ages of 21-35, to recruit their methodologies of researching, artmaking and surviving, then to engage all participants in a dialogue to explore the connection of the community. This renewed connection between individuals and communities transcends the spatiotemporal limitations of the existing art system, perhaps reveals a dynamic Hong Kong art ecology and opens up a new mode of participation and possibilities. is a non-profit-making project, therefore, all decision-making is implemented based on the mission.
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 以香港為家,年齡介乎於21-35歲之間的新晉藝術家;
 國籍和性別不限;
 藝術形式與實踐不限,歡迎視覺、聲音、影像制作、文字、展演藝術家參加。

 Emerging artists who are based in Hong Kong, between the ages of 21-35;
 Regardless of nationality and gender;
 No limitation on practice/art form. Visual, sound, video, image-making, text, performing artists are welcomed.
申請截止日期 | Application deadline
7th Feb, 2021 (Sunday) 11:59pm 雛形 | prototype
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