Public Statement on Hau and Open Access Publishing
Recent disclosures and public discussion have brought to light what has been an open secret in many circles for too long a period. It appears that the work of many of the staff on the open-access journal Hau was blighted to a significant degree by the bullying and intimidating behaviour of its editor-in-chief, Giovanni da Col. There were no adequate safeguards or mechanisms of accountability to allow for these problems to be addressed. Instead, all the accounts point to the conclusion that the journal was run on the basis of informal networks that buttressed the influence and power of those who were able to manipulate them and excluded those without access to them. And far from safeguarding high academic standards, this led to increasingly compromising the journal’s editorial integrity.

This is not a problem caused by the idea of open-access publishing. Hau’s move away from open-access ideals is instead a direct result of the problems mentioned above. Once these problems developed, they persisted because of its closed and unaccountable power structures. The failure of Hau is not a failure of open-access. It is a failure of closed and unaccountable control.

This means that the problems could be corrected by running HAU according to democratic and accountable decision-making processes. Such moves would open up the project to voices of communities that have been under-represented and protect those without positions of power or access to networks or institutional privilege from the unacceptable behavior that has been perpetrated in the name of the greater good of open access. To this end, we make the following call to the Society of Ethnographic Theory to make the following changes.

1. The immediate suspension of any member of HAU staff who has had allegations made against them involving bullying, intimidation and/or abuse of office. To be specific, this means that Giovanni Da Col should be immediately suspended from any position in which he could continue the behavior of which he has been accused, and that if the accusations are substantiated, that he should be permanently removed from any position that would involve management over subordinates.

2. Publicly release the new HAU constitution and any documents outlining the current policies and regulations governing the journal, and provide the anthropological community with a publicly available timeline for ensuring that new systems for accountability and oversight are being put in place.

3. The opening up of the Society for Ethnographic Theory (SET) membership to all interested members of the global anthropological community. Such a move would enable the journal to live up to its vision of renewing ethnographic theory for the 21st century and would welcome the voices of a new generation of scholars and anthropologists from outside the traditional centres of power.

4. The establishment of democratic and accountable systems for running SET. The nature of executive offices and the membership of those offices should be open to all and voted upon by all who wish to participate in the society, rather than remaining under the patronage of one man or a small group of people. There should be term limits on all offices, including editor-in-chief, if these have not already been implemented. In this way the society can adequately ensure that its actions and publications begin to more closely reflect the diverse and changing nature of the global anthropological community. In addition, that formal structures, rules and penalties are put in place to ensure that those who do not perform their duties responsibly or conduct malpractice towards colleagues can be held to account and, as importantly, can be made aware that there will be real and material consequences for crossing the line.

5. To reconsider the decision to abandon open access and find alternative solutions for maintaining it, which would require SET to leave the publishing arrangement with University of Chicago Press as soon as is legally possible. There are open accessing publishing options that would be open to a project such as Hau if it were run in an accountable and democratic manner.

We call upon those with the ability to make changes at Hau and SET to reconsider the recent statements released, which appear to deny that there are fundamental problems with the current state of affairs, or appear to suggest that any such problems have now been resolved. If they are incapable or unwilling to do so then we call upon all of those who believe in the project that Hau claimed to stand for – both those currently within SET and those following events from the outside – to join us in finding a framework to begin again. Such a project would have a wide and diverse leadership, including junior scholars, whose fresh ideas we hope would help to create a project of far greater intellectual creativity and innovation. As senior scholars, who have been closely involved in the events surrounding the ongoing collapse of Hau, we make this call in the hope that the open-access ideal carried by that journal will not only be recovered, but formed anew on a more democratic, inclusive and intellectually innovative basis.

Ilana Gershon (Former Hau Editor, Indiana University)
David Graeber (Former Hau Editor at Large, London School of Economics and Political Science)
Sarah Green (Former Chair Hau External Advisory Board, University of Helsinki)
Keir Martin (University of Oslo)

***This list will be updated at least every 24 hours. We call on all interested persons, regardless of seniority and regardless of whether they have previously been involved in Hau or not to lend their support. Please only sign once.***

Current number of signatures: 617

Dick Powis Washington University in St. Louis
Taylor R. Genovese Arizona State University
Martin Pfeiffer University of New Mexico
Mr. Mark McIntyre University of Victoria
Ms. Lillia McEnaney NYU
Dr. Dr Gretchen Stolte University of Western Australia
Mr. Wynn Coates
William Cotter University of Arizona
Ms. Esther Anderson University of Southern Queensland
Dr. Hayden Kantor Cornell University
Mrs. Corina Enache University of Amsterdam
Dr. Paul Keil Macquarie University
Professor Tom Boellstorff University of California, Irvine
Jason Baird Jackson Indiana University
Dr. Daniel Souleles Copenhagen Business School
Viktoryia Kalesnikava University of Michigan
Scott Ross George Washington University
Justin Shaffner
Dr. Leslie Carlin University of Toronto
Dr. Andrew Moutu University of Papua New Guinea
Dr. Jonah S. Rubin Knox College
Heikki Wilenius University of Helsinki
Yash Lad LSE
Dr. Stéphane Gros Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Dr. Matthew Watson Mount Holyoke College
Dr. Ingrid Marais University of South Africa
Dr. Lara McKenzie The University of Western Australia
Aakash Solanki University of Toronto
Ruy Blanes University of Gothenburg
Lena Gross University of Oslo
Dr. Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen University of Stavanger, Norway
Professor David Berliner Université Libre de Bruxelles
Professor Alessandro Questa Universidad Iberoamericana, México
Mr. Marc Neel Université Catholique de Louvain
Professor Lisa Messeri Yale
Professor Dorle Dracklé University of Bremen
Dr. Carna Brkovic
Dr. Adam University of Bristol
Professor Ingjerd Hoem University of Oslo
Dr. Madeleine Reeves University of Manchester
Ms. Jasmine Folz. University of Manchester
Dr. Marama Muru-Lanning University of Auckland
Dr. Fiona McCormack University of Waikato
Dr. Heid Jerstad University of Edinburgh
Dr. Asuncion Fresnoza-Flot Université libre de Bruxelles
Dr. Kostas Retsikas SOAS University of London
Dr. Tuva Broch University of Oslo, Norway
Dr. Manon Istasse Université libre de Bruxelles
Peter Soles Muirhead University of Toronto
Dr. Lisa Richaud Fudan University
Matan Kaminer University of Michigan
Dr. Marlene Schäfers Ghent University
Dr. Astrid Anderson University of Oslo
Dr. Robert Pijpers University of Hamburg
Dr. Annie McCarthy Australian National University
Professor Little Late University of Ivory Tower
Mr. Jeremy University of Manchester
Professor Andrea Lauser
Professor Karen Sykes University of Manchester
Dr. Katja Uusihakala University of Helsinki
Professor Rajko Muršič University of Ljubljana
Mr. Ola Gunhildrud Berta University of Oslo
Dr. Monica Mariaelena Bonaccorso University of London
Professor Susanne Brandtstädter Cologne (Universität zu Köln)
Dr. Fiona murphy Queens university Belfast
Oddmund Toft University of Oslo
Dr. Jamie Coates Australian National University
Dr. Rodolfo Maggio Oxford
Professor Gilles Tarabout CNRS (France)
Dr. Felix Girke Universität Konstanz, Germany
Dr. James Fraser Lancaster University
Dr. James Fraser Lancaster University
Professor Steven van wolputte KU Leuven, Belgium
Dr. Kostas Retsikas SOAS University of London
Mr. Gaku Moriguchi Gakushuin University
Dr. Chika Watanabe Manchester
Dr. Sean Dowdy University of Chicago
Professor Kiven Strohm National University of Singapore
Dr. Nicolas Sihlé CNRS, France
Mrs. Lotte Danielsen University of Oslo
Dr. Tom Ryan Waikato, NZ
Dr. Florian Walter Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Professor Robert Launay Northwestern University
Dr. Inna Leykin Open University of Israel
Dr. Heidi Härkönen University of Helsinki
Ms. Anureet Lotay University of Victoria
Dr. Regev Nathansohn University of Haifa
Dr. Sohini Kar London School of Economics
Dr. Carina van Rooyen University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Ms Celia Plender Exeter
Dr. Nicole Gregoire Université Libre de Bruxelles
Dr. Jon Henrik Ziegler Remme University of Oslo
Dr. Cora Bender University of Siegen (Germany)
Professor Greg Downey Macquarie University
Dr. chiara de cesari amsterdam university
Dr. Astrid B. Stensrud University of Oslo
Dr. Carolyn Heitmeyer University of Sussex (Research Associate)
Dr. Brendan Donegan
Dr. Matti Eräsaari University of Helsinki
Dr. Emma Heffernan
Dr. Paul Gilbert University of Sussex
Dr. Paul Gilbert University of Sussex
Dr. Mascha Gugganig Technical University Munich
Siiri Sandberg University of Helsinki
Professor Jordi Vallverdu Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Dr. Monica Mottin Ruskin College, Oxford
Dr. James Costa Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris
Janet Connor University of Chicago
Dr. Saskia Abrahms-Kavunenko New York University Shanghai
Dr. Annika Lems University of Bern
Mr. Jannik Schritt German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA)
Dr. Marina Marouda University of Sussex
Dr. Alanna Cant University of Kent
Dr. Andrew Sanchez University of Cambridge
Professor Pierre Petit Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
Mrs. Christine Moderbacher University of Aberdeen
Mrs. Nada Al-Hudaid University of Manchester
Dr. Hadas Weiss The Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
Dr. Casper Bruun Jensen Osaka University
Mrs. Lotte Liegmann
Dr. Elisabeth Schober University of Oslo
Dr. Barak Kalir University of Amsterdam
Dr. Denis Regnier University of French Polynesia
Dr. Jelena Tosic University of Vienna
Dr. Theodoros Kyriakides The Open University
Sonja Trifuljesko University of Helsinki
Dr. Sarah Czerny University of Rijeka
Dr. Catherine Trundle Victoria University of Wellington
Hannah Klepeis Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
Dr. Andrew Hodges Institute for East and Southeast European Studies, Regensburg
Dr. Raluca Roman University of St Andrews
Dr. Ralf Marsault
Dr. Ludovic Coupaye University College London
Professor Gauthard Nathalie University of Nice - FRANCE
Mr. Gard Ringen Høibjerg Inland University of Applied Science, Norway
Proshant Chakraborty
Dr. Tuomas Tammisto University of Helsinki
Professor Lisa Wynn Macquarie University
Dr. Perig PITROU CNRS-Collège de France
Dr. Steve Coleman Maynooth University
Roxane Gabet ULB (Belgium)
Mr. Van Minh Nguyen Université Libre de Bruxelles
Mr. Alexander Betsos University of Amsterdam
Clementine Leonard Université libre de Bruxelles
Honorifique de Dissident Martin zimmer Soury and Jeanne department
Dr. Theodoros Rakopoulos University of Oslo
Mr. bjørn inge sjødin
Dr. Martha-Cecilia Dietrich University of Bern
Dr. Anu Lounela University of Helsinki
Mr. Vlad Schüler-Costa University of Manchester
Dr. caroline osella SOAS
Dr. Maïté Maskens Université libre de Bruxelles
Tone Høgblad Universitetet i Oslo
Dr. Sitna Quiroz Durham University
Mr. Khalil Betz-Heinemann University of KentDr. Holly High Sydney University
Mrs. Noëlle EHESS (Phd Candidate)
Maria Cristache Justus Liebig University
Professor Clara Han Johns Hopkins University
Samira Marty University of Oslo
Dr. Karen Lane University of St Andrews
Dr. Dace Dzenovska University of Oxford
Dr. Jesse Hession Grayman University of Auckland
Mrs. Julia Rehsmann
Mr. Alexander McCulloch London School of Economics
Mr. Matthew DeMaio The George Washington University
Mrs. Danaé Leitenberg Uni Bern
Dr. Eirik Anfinsen
Mx. Rine Vieth McGill University
Dr. Penny Travlou University of Edinburgh
Dr. Noémie Merleau-Ponty University of Cambridge
Dr. Vito Laterza University of Oslo
Dr. Tina Harris University of Amsterdam
Dr. Paul Reade University of Bern, Switzerland
Mr. Boubacar BARRY Université Libre de Bruxelles
Mr. Khidir M. Prawirosusanto Universitas Gadjah Mada
Dr. Kregg Hetherington Concordia
Dr. Mattia Fumanti University of St Andrews
Professor Samuel Collins Towson University (USA)
Mrs. Elisa Stowe Ruprecht-Karls Universität Heidelberg
Todd Marek University of Notre Dame
Dr. Valentina Gamberi Università di Perugia
Dr. Elizabeth Hull SOAS University of London
Dr. Hans Steinmüller London School of Economics and Political Science
Andrew Graan University of Helsinki
Jasmine Bischke
Professor Paul Manning Trent University
Ms. Kwang Lin Wong LSE
Professor Paul Stoller West Chester University
Dr. Nathan Hedges
Dr. Valerio Bernardi Università degli Studi della Basilicata
Professor Dominic Boyer Rice University/CENHS
Eliza Williamson Rice University
Professor George Mentore University of Virginia
Gerhild Perl University of Bern
Dr. Anne Dippel Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena
Dr. Tom Widger Durham University
Dr. Nicole Peterson UNC Charlotte
Dr. ELENI SIDERI University of Macedonia
Dr. Steven Bachelor
Professor Cristina Rocha Western Sydney University
Dr. Elisabeth Kirtsoglou Durham University - Anthropology
Dr. Sabiha Allouche SOAS University of London
Eugene Raikhel University of Chicago
Dr. P. Kerim Friedman National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan
Dr. Dan Hicks University of Oxford
Dr. Federico Cocconi University of Bologna
Dr. Felix Stein University of Edinburgh
Dr. Antu Sorainen University of Helsinki
Mrs. aleyda rocha sepulveda Kth
Dr. Cato Berg
Professor marybeth eleanor nevins middlebury college
Ms Vasiliki Bathrelou Durham
Mr. Sam Shuman University of Michigan
Dr. Marie MAUZE Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)
Dr. Marie Lecomte-Tilouine CNRS
Dr. Evgenia Fotiou Kent State University
Dr. Ivan Franceschini Ca' Foscari University of Venice and the Australian National University
Mr. Jacopo Bertoli University of Bologna
Dr. Laura Coppens University of Berne
Dr. Audrey Allas Durham University/Students’ Union
Mr. Eric Layman Indiana University
Dr. Patrick Desplat University of Göttingen
Annastiina Kallius University of Helsinki
Dr. KK Cheuk NYU Shanghai
Annastiina Kallius University of Helsinki
Clément Dréano Universities of Turin and Milan
Dr. Elisabeth ANSTETT CNRS
Ljiljana Pantovic University of Pittsburgh
Dr. Janina Kehr Bern University
Dr. Tom Yarrow Durham University
Dr. Emilie Guitard IFRA Nigeria, University of Ibadan
Dr. Subhadeepta Ray Tezpur University
Professor Nicholas Harkness Harvard University
Professor Joël Noret Université libre de Bruxelles
Mrs. Jana Milovanovic University of Ljubljana
Dr. Marco Di Nunzio London School of Economics
Professor Bob Simpson Durham
Dr. Anna Romanowicz Jagiellonian University
Dr. Ali Sipahi Özyeğin University, Istanbul
Professor Stephen Lyon Durham University
Dr. Ramey Moore Nazarbayev University
Thorben Luberg Goehte University Frankfurt
Dr. Gianluca Iazzolino London School of Economics
Dr. Darcy Alexandra University of Bern
Dr. Marianna Keisalo Aarhus University
Dr. Nick Seaver Tufts University
Ms Rosalie Allain University College London
Dr. Michelle Walks Douglas College, BC, Canada
Dr. Katherine Swancutt King's College London
Mr. Paul Hayes Australian National University
Dr. Siri Schwabe Roskilde University
Dr. Tom Neumark University of Edinburgh
Dr. Jonatan Kurzwelly University of the Free State (South Africa)
Dr. Till Mostowlansky The Graduate Institute Geneva
Dr. Alex Nading Brown University
Dr. Doreen Lee Northeastern University
Dr. Andra le Roux-Kemp City University of Hong Kong
Dr. Kevin Karpiak Eastern Michigan University
Dr. Jan H Schutte
Dr. Sami Everetr University of Cambridge
Professor Dimitris Dalakoglou Vrije University Amsterdam
Dr. Zoe Goodman SOAS
Luisa Reis Castro Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Anjali Krishan University of Oxford
Ms Charlotte Troy Durham university
Mrs. Rachel Phillips-Jackson Maynooth University, Ireland
Dr. Ashley Lebner Wilfrid Laurier University
Dr. Angela Glaros Eastern Illinois University
Dr. Tara Joly University of Saskatchewan
Professor Johannes Neurath Museo Nacional de Antropología
Dr. Margot Weiss Wesleyan University
Tess Altman University College London
Dr. Gavin Weston Goldsmiths
Professor Marshall Sahlins The University of Chicago
Dr. Loretta Lou University of Warwick
Dr. Sergio González Varela Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosi
Angelica Cabezas Pino The University of Manchester
Dr. Laura Miller University of. Missouri-St. Louis
Dr. Yael Navaro Cambridge University
Dr. Aurélie Névot CNRS France
Dr. Sertaç Sehlikoglu University of Cambridge
Dr. Andrew McDowell EHESS, Harvard Medical School
Professor Gregory Bateson
Dr. Asli Zengin Harvard University
Dr. Sarah Besky Brown University
Dr. Juli Huang University of Edinburgh
Dr. Teri Silvio Academia Sinica
Dr. Emiliano Zolla Universidad Iberoamericana-Ciudad de México
Dr. Lauren Penney University of Texas Health San Antonio
Dr. Lindsay Bell Western University
Dr. Felix Ringel Durham University
Dr. David H Price St. Martin's University
Mr. Spencer Garvey University of British Columbia
Dr. Kevin Groark Macquarie University
Dr. Jennifer Shaw Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Dr. Debra Spitulnik Vidali Emory University
Sara A. Manzanares Monter University of Oslo
Jamie Lee Andreson University of Michigan
Dr. Laurie Denyer Willis London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Dr. Carlos MONDRAGON El Colegio de México
Anthea Snowsill The Australian National University
Ms Sophie Pezzutto Australian National University
Dr. Andressa Lewandowski University of Afro-Brazilian Lusophony
Beth Semel Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Túllio Maia Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar)
Mr. Mikkel Vindegg University of Oslo
Dr. Fiona Wright University of Cambridge
Dr. Martin Demant Frederiksen
Jessica Yaquinto Living Heritage Anthropology
Professor Michael Carrithers Durham
Dr. Nicholas Loubere Lund University
Dr. Ulrike M Vieten Queen's University Belfast
Dr. Clare Wilkinson Washington State University
Professor ELIZABETH FAIER Malmö University
Dr. Jennifer Deger James Cook University
Irene Svarteng OsloMet
Mrs. Aurelija Drevel
Professor Erik Mueggler University of Michigan
Jaden Netwig University of California, Los Angeles
Professor Charlene Makley Reed College
Dr. Chloe Nahum-Claudel LSE
Mr. Aditya Ramesh SOAS, London
Caio Fernando Flores Coelho Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos
Mr. Huatse Gyal University of Michigan
Dr. Shaylih Muehlmann University of British Columbia
Dr. Agnieszka Halemba University of Warsaw
Dr. Carol Chan Universidad Alberto Hurtado
Amalina Az zahra
Dr. Basak Can Koc University, Istanbul
James Curry
Dr. Sean T. Mitchell Rutgers University, Newark
Gretchen Pfeil New York University, School of Professional Studies
Levi Vonk UC Berkeley-UCSF
Joanne Lai Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia.
Dr. Josh Reno Binghamton University
Professor Seth Sanders UC Davis
Dr. Daša Bombjaková
Professor Tania Stolze Lima Universidade Federal Fluminense
Dr. Daniela Kraemer Wilfrid Laurier university
Solange Chatelard Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
Dr. Cesar Padilla-Altamira University of Liverpool
Dr. Audrey Vankeerberghen
Dr. Catherine Dolan SOAS, University of London
Mrs. Sheng Long University of Michigan
Professor Marcio Goldman Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Mr. Bret Hampton Univeristy of Canterbury
Ms Susanna Baker Durham University
Sinan Doğan University of Pittsburgh
Tess Altman University College London
Martin Perez Comisso Arizona State University & CTS-Chile
Professor Ghassan Hage University of Melbourne
Professor Laura Mentore University of Mary Washington
Professor Laura Mentore University of Mary Washington
ned dostaler uc berkeley
Professor Cléo Carastro EHESS, Paris
Dr. Lydia Arantes University College London
Professor Kathinka Frøystad University of Oslo
Dr. Sindre Bangstad KIFO, Oslo, Norway
Professor Marisol de la Cadena University of California, Davis
Dr. Noah Theriault Carnegie Mellon University
Dr. Taylor Nelms University of California, Irvine
Dr. Ryan Schram University of Sydney
Mr. Gustavo Valdivia Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
Dr. Sara Shneiderman University of British Columbia
Dr. Anna Weichselbraun Stanford University
Mr. Noah Walker-Crawford University of Manchester
Samantha Milner Montana State University
Julia Sizek UC-Berkeley
Dr. Rachel Smith Stanford
Mr. Roberto Romero Museu Nacional, UFRJ
Professor Karin Polit University of Tuebingen
Dr. Nayanika Mathur University of Oxford
Mrs. Tara Louise Morcom-Harneis ULB
Professor Patricia Sawin University of North Carolina
Dr. Almut Schneider Goethe-University, Frankfurt
Mikaëla Le Meur Université Libre de Bruxelles
Dr. Lucy Lowe University of Edinburgh
Michael P. Oman-Reagan Memorial University
Mrs. Juliette Tocino-Smith University College London
Professor Toon van Meijl Radboud University Nijmegen
Jordan Haug University of California, San Diego
Dr. Jan Grill University of Valle
Mrs. victoria klinkert soas
Dr. Kirsten Endres Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
Matthew Sebastian Duke University
Dr. Jan Lorenz Adam Mickiewicz University
Dr. Robin Shoaps University of Alaska Fairbanks
Professor Elisha Renne University of Michigan
Professor Nadje Al-Ali SOAS
Professor Peter Gow St Andrew
Mr. Elliot Cross
Marcela Coelho de Souza University of Brasília, Brazil
David Gilbert
Professor Saadia Toor City University of New York
Dr. Almut Schneider Goethe-University, Frankfurt
Professor Jacqueline Knörr Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
Dr. Lars Gjelstad Oslo Metropolitan University
Dr. João Vianna Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo (UFES)
Dr. Bree Blakeman The Australian National University
Dr. Carolyn Heitmeyer
Dr. Charlotte Marchina INALCO, Paris
Mr. Stuart Lang Maynooth University
Dr. Andre Thiemann CEU Budapest
Dr. Jane Horan University of Auckland
Dr. Jan Bock Cumberland Lodge
Dr. Dominik Müller Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
Dr. Soledad Jiménez Tovar Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas
Dr. Gerald Roche University of Melbourne
Christopher Nelson University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ragnhild Freng Dale University of Cambridge
Professor Stefan Helmreich MIT
Professor Betsey Brada Reed College
Professor David Pedersen Univ. California - San Diego
Professor Paula Girshick Indiana University
Dr. Michael Heneise The Kohima Institute
Dr. Lorena Gibson Victoria University of Wellington
Professor Rosemary J Coombe York University
Dr. Angela McClanahan-Simmons Edinburgh College of Art
Professor Sharyn Davies Auckland university of technology
Dr. Yasmine Musharbash University of Sydney
Dr. Andrew Orta University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Vanessa Maloney University of Toronto
Mr. Fredrik Nyman Durham University
Professor Daniel E Moerman University of Michigan-Dearborn
Dr. Marcelo Moura Mello Universidade Federal da Bahia
Professor Omar Ribeiro Thomaz Universidade Estadual de Campinas
Mr. Blake Durham Oxford
Dr. Venera Khalikova Chinese University of Hong Kong
Professor Ernesto Isunza CIESAS-México
Professor Bernardo Freire Federal University of Saint FranciscoValley
Gilson Killhour
Messias Basques National Museum, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)
Willi Lempert University of Colorado Boulder
Mr. Imam Ardhianto Universitas Indonesia
Professor Felipe Sussekind PUC - Rio de Janeiro
Dominique Dillabough-Lefebvre LSE
Dr. Eric Silverman Brandeis University
Jonathan Wald McGill University
Professor bruce kapferer University of Bergen
Dr. Maria Lucia Vidart-Delgado
Dr. Stefan Dorondel Francisc I. Rainer Institute of Anthropology Bucharest
Dr. Miladina Monova Bulgarian academy of sciences
Dr. John Taylor La Trobe University
Thorgeir Kolshus Oslo Metropolitan University
Olivier Coulaux EHESS
Dr. Cecilia Salinas Oslo Metropolitan University
Professor Ellen Judd University of Manitoba
Professor Pnina werbner Keele university
Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen University of Oslo
Song C.R.
Dr. Gabriella Körling Stockholm University
Dr. Dan Podjed ZRC SAZU
Dr. Eliot Bates The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Professor Olaf H. Smedal University of Bergen
Dr. Perveez Mody University of Cambridge
Dr. Valérie Vandenabeele
Dr. Pierre Dittmar EHESS
Dr. Jonathan Larcher EHESS
Dr. Uli Beisel Bayreuth University
Benjamin Hirschfeld University of Amsterdam
Marianna Betti University of Bergen
Dr. Vanessa Hildebrand Case Western Reserve University
Professor Ørnulf Gulbrandsen University of Bergen, Norway
Gabrielle Ackroyd University College London
Dr. Haidy Geismar UCL
Dr. Silvia Posocco Birkbeck, University of London
Dr. Nina Isabella Moeller The University of Manchester
Dr. Ethiraj Gabriel Dattatreyan Goldsmiths, University of London
Dr. Donna Lanclos
Caleb Ingegneri Wheaton College
Dr. Katerina Rozakou University of Amsterdam
Mrs. Thresy Vallikappen University of Bergen
Dr. Siobhan McDonnell Australian National University
Dr. Ivana Teixeira UNB
Professor Eldar Bråten University of Bergen
Dr. Ronald Planer The Australian National University
Dr. Clarinda Still University of Oxford
Xenia Valeth Universitat de Barcelona
Mr. Mehari Ukbalidet University of Bern
Professor Chris Gregory Australian National University
Mrs. Valerie Feria-Isacks Foothill College
Dr. Soumhya Venkatesan University of Manchester
Professor Robert Layton University of Durham U.K>
Leonarda De La Ossa Arias UFES
Maria Styve University of Bergen
Professor Niko Besnier University of Amsterdam & La Trobe University
Dr. Aet Annist University of Tartu
Gabriela Cabana London School of Economics and Political Science
Professor Rainer Miranda Brito Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco
Dr. Veronika Siegl University of Bern
Dr. Alfonso Otaegui Center for Intercultural and Indigenous Research (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
Professor Timo Kallinen University of Eastern Finland
Professor Eduardo kohn McGill University
Dr. Iselin Åsedotter Strønen University of Bergen
Dr. Jérôme Tournadre CNRS, Paris
Dr. Laurence Cuelenaere
Professor John Barker University of British Columbia
Professor Michaela Schäuble University of Bern (Switzerland)
Professor Philippe Borgeaud Université de Genève
Hannah Quinn University of Toronto
Dr. Amiel Bize University of Bayreuth
Professor Susana Narotzky Universitat de Barcelona
Dr. Jeff Maskovsky CUNY
Dr. Courtney Addison Victoria University of Wellington
Dr. Monica Eppinger Saint Louis University
Dr. Sholeh Shahrokhi Butler University, IN USA
Tridibesh Dey University of Exeter
Professor Megan Raschig California State University, Sacramento
Professor Charlene Makley Reed College
Ms. Noel Marsh University of Pittsburgh
Dr. Erika Alpert Nazarbayev University
Lauren Gilhooly Western University
Professor Pradeep Jeganathan Shiv Nadar University
Katherine Sacco University of California, Irvine
Dr. Ramez Eid University of Bern
Professor Anh Nga Longva University of Bergen, Norway
Professor Edvard Hviding University of Bergen
Mr. Imran Jamal SOAS, University of London
Professor Robert Brightman Reed College
Dr. Dayana Cordova
Dr. Ian M. Cook Central European University
Dr. Lorenzo Ferrarini University of Manchester
Dr. Daniel Suslak Indiana University
Dr. Angela Torresan The University of Manchester
Dr. Alex Flynn Durham University
Mr. Lachlan Summers University of California, Santa Cruz
Dr. Courtney Stafford-Walter University of St Andrews
Dr. Agata Ładykowska Polish Academy of Sciences
Dr. Anika König Luebeck University
Dr. Martin Fotta Goethe University Frankfurt
Bruno Cardoso Universidade Federal de São Carlos
Ms. KL Parker University of California, Berkeley
Professor Irfan Ahmad Max Planck Institute for the study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity,, Gottingen
Dr. Eirini Papadaki University of Edinburgh
Dr. Katherine Smith University of Manchester
Marie McDonald University of California, Davis
Mrs. Bharat Venkat University of Oregon
Dr. Hanan Sabea American University in Cairo
Sandy Vandervalk Carleton University
Dr. Patrick Laviolette Tallinn Univ.
Professor Gabriela Coleman McGill University
Dr. Phaedra Douzina-Bakalaki University of Helsinki
Radhika Govindrajan University of Washington
Merlin Hochmeier University of Vienna
Dr. Katia Buffetrille École pratique des Hautes Études
Dr. Diana Hubbard
Dr. Jessica Johnson University of Washington
Dr. Indira Arumugam National University of Singapore
Dr. Christopher Dile Amherst College
Ana Elisa Santiago Universidade Federal de São Carlos
Dr. Jeremy Trombley
Alexia Liakounakou UCL
Dr. Steffen Dalsgaard IT University of Copenhagen
Dr. Samuli Schielke Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient
Dr. Cecilia Tomori Durham University
Dr. Beatriz Reyes-Foster University of Central Florida
Dr. James Davies University of Roehampton
Dr. Carrie Benjamin SOAS, University of London
Marios Falaris Johns Hopkins University
Heba Islam Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Ciara Kierans University of Liverpool
Professor MIKE FORTUN UC Irvine
Martin Loeng Norweian University of Science and Technology
Professor Kim Fortun University of California Irvine
Dr. Lucy Pickering The University of Glasgow
Professor Pablo Wright University of Buenos Aires
Maxime Le Calvé EHESS Paris
Dr. Vita Peacock University of Cambridge
Hilary Agro University of British Columbia
Professor Peter Benson Washington University in St. Louis
Dr. Louis Philippe Römer Vassar College
Mrs. Barbara Pires National Museum, UFRJ, Brazil
Rachel Rothenberg University of Washington
Sophie Chao Macquarie University
Dr. Eeva Kesküla Tallinn University
Dr. Paolo Fortis Durham University
Professor CAROLINE YEZER Clark
Professor Thomas Stodulka Freie Universität Berlin
Ms Clementina Amanwkaah Uppsala University
Maria Coma INALCO Paris
Professor Thomas Stodulka Freie Universität Berlin
Dr. Matthias Lewy UNB (Brasil)
Dr. Piyush Pushkar University of Manchester
Ms Cassandra Yuill City, University of London
Dr. Tilmann Heil University of Leuven
Dr. Mythily Meher University of Melbourne
Professor Tone Bringa University of Bergen
Mr. Jonatha Galton SOAS
Dr. Gurinder Kaur Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development, Chandigarh, India
Dr. Rapti Siriwardane-de Zoysa Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT)
Dr. Jaap Timmer Macquarie University Sydney
Mrs. Rosa Michaels Oregon State University
Emily Jean Leischner University of British Columbia
Dr. Kyungmook LEE Seoul National University, South Korea
Dr. Leila Monaghan Northern Arizona University
Dr. Hugo Reinert University of Oslo
Dr. Debra Occhi Miyazaki International College
Dr. Hedda Askland The University of Newcastle
Mrs. Kiri Olivia Santer University of Bern
Dr. Elaine Forde Swansea
Heesun Hwang Seoul National University
Professor michael seltzer Oslo Metropolitan University
Dr. Lorenzo Cañás Bottos Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Dr. Vlad Naumescu Central European University
Dr. Philip Cartelli Wagner College
Mr. Oliver Brown Universität Bern
Professor Jaka Repič University of Ljubljana
Dr. Tamar McKee
Dr. Margaret Wiener University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Professor Alexandra Schwell Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
Mr. Pasquale Stella Monash University
Anthony Ramos CUNY Graduate Center
Dr. Inga-Britt Kause Tavistok clinic
Professor Miha Kozorog University of Ljubljana
Chakad Ojani University of Manchester

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