Hatchery ZOOM Session One - January 15th 2021 at 4pm-5.30pm
Use of colour in theory and practice in painting and printing

'Artists are very aware of the way colour transmits feelings and how the senses respond to those feelings'

This workshop will explore their use of colour within their practice and how it relates to the senses. It is presented by painter and photographer, Helen Stevenson; printmaker and photographer, Mary Hayes and painter, Yves Riguiduel.

Stevenson uses colour to great advantage within her often geometric paintings and within her photography using Photoshop. She will talk about her work, touch on the theory of colour and how this informs her work especially within her use of Photoshop.

As a printmaker, for Hayes, colour has a central role and she will use simple printing techniques to show how this affects the final work. French artist, Riguidel will give a short demonstration of how he uses colour in watercolour with particular regard to the work he does on location and also with the body.

Their different approaches contrast with the techniques they use within their disciplines. After each artist has spoken about their work, they will be available for questions.

If you sign up to this workshop, we will email you two days before with the materials list and ZOOM login code.
For more information on the Hatchery visit https://www.hatcheryartists.com/

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