Homeschool Family/Group Contact List
我們希望收到各位的聯絡資料,好讓大家可以互通資訊,亦煩請大家廣傳給自己相識的Homeschool 家庭 /共學團 ,當收到大家的經驗分享或者資料時,可以轉寄給各位。

這裡的資料,我以個人名義保證,只有我和Karen Chow 睇到,而且只用在聯絡用途,不會轉發給第三者(若有需要轉發(如參加活動)會事先問了確認後才俾),不會給教育局,不會做任何廣告商業用途。

Hi! We would like to gather homeschool family / group contact again. So, we could share the news / experience to each other. Please forward this form to the homeschool family / group you know.

The information you wrote to us is only for communication use. Only Karen Chow and me can see it. No third party can get it unless you join the activities which need your contact (we will ask you in advance). We will not send any information to EDB / not for commercial use.

Thank you!

Best Regards
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孩子的數目 Number of Children *
孩子的出生年份 Year of Child(ren)'s Birth *
Please write down all children age if more than one
您們有沒有參加共學(團)﹖Do you join any learning community / co-ops? *
如有,請告知共學團名稱及地區  Please tell us the Name and the District Area of the learning community / co-ops (if have)
您是否共學團的聯絡人﹖ Are you the contact person of the learning community / co-ops?
若能找到共學團的聯絡人,那我們可以將消息發給聯絡人,再讓聯絡人轉發給各家長,謝謝!  If we could find the contact person and contact him / her directly. We could share the information to the contact person and he/she could share it to the group. Thank you!
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請介紹你Homeschool的經驗或者想加入群組的原因  Please tell us about your homeschool experience / why would you like to join homeschool forum?
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