MorningStar Bible Camp: July 23-27, 2018
Application Deadline 7/13/2018 - no exceptions.

One application PER CHILD (you cannot list multiple children on one application). Please note, this is the GIRLS APPLICATION. There are separate enrollment links for boys, and girls. Please make sure to enroll campers accordingly.
We are doing this to make ensure we have the appropriate camper / counselor ratio and don't have an over-enrollment.


Notarization of the application will NOT be necessary this year.

SUBMISSION OF THIS APPLICATION DOES NOT GUARANTEE ACCEPTANCE TO ATTEND CAMP. You will be notified of acceptance via email within 14 days of submission of this form. If you are NOT notified of acceptance to camp within 14 days of submission of this form, please contact us at to verify the application was received.

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MorningStar Bible Camp Requirements & Guidelines:
- If you need to pick your child up PRIOR to camp dismissal, please schedule your pickup time with the counselor when you drop your child off in the morning. We want to minimize any disruptions during the meetings.
- Please refer to the schedule for swimming and activity times. The schedule will be posted at under the MorningStar link, as well as on our Facebook page.
- Due to the cap on the number of campers that we are able to accommodate, if your child will not be able to attend at least 3 of the 5 days please notify us in the comments section at the end of the application.

- While MorningStar Bible Camp will make every effort to accommodate food allergies, we cannot guarantee all meals can be allergen free. Please make sure to thoroughly detail any allergens your child might have in the medical section of this application.

- NO bullying, disobedience or disrespectful behavior will be tolerated. If there are any behavioral issues, the camper will be sent home for the rest of the week.
- Boys are not allowed in the girls cabins, or the girls restrooms. Girls are not allowed in the boys cabins, or the boys restrooms.

- NO cell phones, iPods, etc. If you need to reach your child during camp hours, then you will need to make arrangements with either the camper's counselor, or the camp director.

- No halter tops, see- through tops or other inappropriate clothing is allowed. Swimsuits need to be modest (no bikinis).

- The teaching at MorningStar Bible Camp is carried out in English. We require all campers be able to both speak and understand English.

- MorningStar Bible Camp is a faith based ministry. There is no charge to attend. If you wish to make a voluntary donation, please make it payable to Lawrence Bible Chapel.

- Bible (with their name in it in), notebook and pen.
- On swimming / water days you will need to bring a modest swimsuit (see dress code) and a towel and any other items your camper may need after swimming (comb, deodorant, etc.).
- Many campers choose to bring a pillow and blanket for cabin/counselor time. Feel free to do this!
- We have a coloring room and game room the campers use during game time. If you child has a favorite board game or coloring items, they are more than welcome to bring them!

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I certify that I am the aforementioned parent or legal guardian of the camper listed in this application, and have read and understand the requirements & guidelines for MorningStar Bible Camp. *
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